How cute and adorable are these shots?!?! I am loving Etude’s concepts for their CFs more and more! Dara looks so cute totally focused on the hurdles one moment and then applying Sun BB Cream the next. Let’s not forget her intense look for Table Tennis as well. Check out how pretty she is in her cheerleader outfit too! 

DARA GOT THE GOLD MEDAL! (I don’t know why but I’m excited! Kekekeke) Does this mean Dara and SHINee can now eat with Tabi?

Click the link below for more photos!

Re-uploaded by: OhDara/WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Photos: Fun and Energetic Dara for Etude’s Sun BB Cream (HQ)" (8)

  1. luvapple said:

    Dara forever young…she really looks like a 12 years old kid…

  2. GorgeouZ said:

    hello… dara is so cute here.. i asked my husband how old dara is, and he said 12.. hahahhahha

  3. The 2nd picture! Her expression is just love! ^^

  4. YGlove said:

    i wish she’ll wear the cheerleader costume forever!!!! waaah

  5. “Does this mean Dara and SHINee can now eat with Tabi?” At first I didn’t get it but then I realized…Park Taehwan! Nice one.

    • dararose29 said:

      Sorry but can you please explain?

      • YGlove said:

        it’s bcause bigbang shared a story once that bigbang members are suppose to have dinner together since its been awhile then havent seen each other but then suddenly tabi pulled out and ate with park tae hwan instead LoL.. then bigbang was like: do we need to get gold medal just so u could eat with us? (park tae hwan got medals from swimming) ^^ hope this helps:) u could search it actually on youtube but i dont remember where they told this story ^^

        • dararose29 said:

          Thank you so much for explaining …. Now I know… LOL Dara and Shinee can really eat with Tabi now. Thank you !

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