These photos are so adorable especially the ones with Dara and Minho! They look so cute together! ^_^ Check out Dara’s muscles! She might be small but look at that! What is Key doing to Dara?

If you guys could put captions on these thought bubbles, what would you put?!

Comments on: "Photos: Dara and SHINee for Etude’s Sun BB Cream" (17)

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  2. and i want more…………….

  3. LMAO! Key and Minho! Hahahaha!!!! And Dara’s muscles…!!

  4. YGlove said:

    so buff! look at those muscles lol… she might be training with dae and taeyang xD

    shess sooo cuuteee!!!! i cant help but smile while seeing these pictures lol

  5. dararose29 said:

    Hehehe someone is falling to a Goddess…
    Dara looks cute in every picture…

    I really hope she will be in a korean drama soon as in soon!

  6. i love love love her pictures with minho and those where she’s wearing cheerleader outfit! :)))

  7. I still can’t get over the height difference of Dara and Minho.
    lol. at the pic where they’re trying to high five each other! xD

  8. Elsieds  said:

    Minho and Dara ❤ 

  9. bratty21 said:

    so cute Minho looking on Dara…. i love the fourth pic!!!!

  10. dedededeeeee said:

    wow… minho minho shi,your starting staring dara again..
    are you falling in love with her? and oh the posed it is one daras favorite posed,r u also addicted to dars selcas?…and key what do you want to dara..

  11. cutest thing ever.. MINHO ❤ DARA..hehe

  12. minho shi,your staring dara again..
    are you falling in love with her?

  13. dellila27 said:

    LOL..what IS Key doing to Dara?XD I hope this means Dara and SHINee are comfortable with each other..^^ (Yay to the fact that she’s interacting with idols outside YG..^^)

    Oh, I love the 4th picture..Minho seems amused by what Dara is doing..looks cute..^^

  14. cydellianne said:

    she’s thin…. but look at those muscles!!!she’s healthy ❤ unnie, yeppu!!

  15. cheneechee said:

    Dara is soooo so small~and oh look at her muscles ahehe

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