This is so cute! ^_^ I really love that SHINee has joined Dara as endorsers for Etude. At least there’s some testosterone in there. With all the gold medals they have, they can now all dine with TOP! ^_^ More more more! We want more!

Thanks @ S_Bar_pinky!

Comments on: "Photo: Dara and SHINee for Etude Sun BB Cream AD" (15)

  1. cydellianne said:

    Yep! the DINNER!!! good for the Shinee guys…Seungri and Taeyang haven’t even got one…I guess they may have to wait…lol

  2. dara looks like the dongsaeng with her oppas guarding her lol
    super cute, dara in skirt and mindara always beside each other ❤

  3. haha.. they can really have a dinner with TOP now. can’t wait for this CF 😀

  4. Did you guys notice that only minho and dara do the hwaiting pose!!! Kyak!

  5. Love the pic<33 We want more!!!^^ Vampire Goddess Dee & Shinne boys Hwaiting<33

  6. andyelleeh said:

    i want CF etude house. please? not just pictures but CF too ❤

  7. Jonghyun and Minho are always On Dara’s side

  8. oh my god > < dies :)) i love the pic..dara so small .so cute.♥♥
    love their uniform akekeke..dara in skirt nice..:D

  9. I laughed so hard at that part about TOP :D:D he only eats with gold medalists and Dara lovers at the same time hahah

    • really? haha.. when did he say that? LOL.. well i dont mind TOP with dara though… kekeke..

      • nerdfoundtheweb said:

        The members of BIG BANG (don’t know exactly who) were planning to go out and eat at a restaurant but TOP couldn’t go because he made plans with Park Tae Hwan (a gold medallist swimmer & a HUGE Dara fanboy) to go and eat.
        (I think that’s the story, I’m not sure)

        • So taeyang said he has to be a medalist so he can dine in with top, i think?

          Nyways, love how dara and key have the same facial expressions :))

        • oh, I thought it’s only GD who knew Park Tae Hwan personally. 🙂

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