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Photos: 151124 Official and Fantaken Pics of Sugar Man MCs and Set for Episode 6

Official pics of our four funny, quirky, and witty MCs! ❤ Look at our goddess Dara smiling happily and once more adding a touch of color to the three’s more neutral colors.. XD



Fantaken! ❤





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Instagram: 151117 Cute MC Dara Shares Pictures with Sugar Man Episode 5 Show Men and Sugar Men!

MC DARA, we’re so proud of you! ❤ Congratulations! We’ve been hearing great feedback on your MC skills and how you’re constantly improving.. ❤


This week’s #SugarMan#showman !!! He is handsome and has monster-like, powerful voice Shinee’s#Jonghyun!!! When we were at music broadcast show I only saw him at backstage all the time while being on stand by, I can only hear his voice or see his back but this time I saw his performance personally so I know now why people are so into SHINEE!!! 👍👍👍 This week’s face-off is something about opposite pole’s different charms!!! 😆 Its a face-off but its not only about victory, its too listen to good music as well~!!! ^.^ Ah looking forward!!!


This week’s #SugarMan#showman !!! Antenna’s rising star#JungSeungHwan !!! Its his first time to appear on a broadcast so he trembled a lot but when he is singing, that’s when I want to tremble~ My feeling was caught! Kya~Indeed senior Yoo Hee Yeol’s favorite pupil got his knocked down image and Korean Ballad’s successor!!! 👍👍👍 really good voice too~~~ >.< but those two are very awkward.. ㅋㅋ I’ve got only one proper photo^^;;; 😁 awkward awkward…


Today’s #SugarMan is awesome!!! Finally the Sugar Man I was looking for came out!!! >.< You all know #Rich don’t you?! You’re curious aren’t you?! Gave a cutie gift too~ Kyak!!! Being able to directly hear this song #OnlyTheWordsIloveYou is like a dream😍 It was like I came back to being a teenage girl ^_^ I’m curious and looking forward for nextweek’s Sugar Man~ Everybody good night!!! 💤


Today’s #SugarMan was very funny! ㅋㅋㅋ When senior #izi appeared I had mental breakdown!!! 😱 #EungGeubShilsong is really good!!! If a guy sings this song its just really the end!!! 😍


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Instagram: Dara Re-Posts Sugar Man’s Video of her “Surprise Birthday Party”~ “Thank You Very Much Sugarman Family! I’m Really Touched”

#goddessDARAday They love you so much because you are one of those people who really deserves to be loved, respected, and cherished.. ❤

2youproject surprise birthday party!!! 🙈 Sugarman family~ Thank you very much~ 😍 I’m really touched *sobs*!!!  👍👍👍👊


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Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos/Official: 151110 Official Pictures of Beautiful Maknae MC Dara for Sugar Man Episode 4

Pretty Dara is so pretty! ❤ I really like how she’s showing off so man diverse styles in Sugar Man as a host, and how she’s killing each and every outfit! ❤ 





Source: JTBC Sugarman Website and Sugarman Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Maknae MC Dara Promotes Sugar Man’s 4th Episode with Tonight’s “Showmen”~ Hwang Chi Yeol, Baek Ayeon, and 10cm

Fighting, fighting for tonight’s episode maknae MC! Thank you for working so hard to promote Sugar Man! ❤


This week on #SugarMan#ShowMen !!! #HwangChiYeol &#BaekAyeon ppabam!!! They don’t only sing, they also have several charm and talent not only for the audience but for me, *Manipulator Hwang Chi Yeol ssiㅋㅋㅋ and they appear to be cute and have lean body but they are elegant on stage ~ beautiful voice plus strong powerful voice, our startled Ayeonie!!! >.< Rough vocal and clear vocal’s harmony .. 👍👍👍 please look forward!!! Ps. I frequently see comment about me being like Sugar Man’s writer.. ㅋㅋ but why is my article written like this?ㅋㅋ but I’m going to write my feeling while doing the recording just as it is~ ㅋㅋ 😁;;; *조련시켜버린=to completely manipulate/to attract the people’s attention intentionally.It is commonly used in idol to attract attention of audience/fans.


This week’s #SugarMan#ShowMen !!! Emotional metamorphosis#10cm ppabam!!! Jung Yeol ssi’s song is really sexy~ also when he sings.. Its for real! That voice.. kya~!!! its somewhat.. Gives off somewhat kind of that feeling?!? Cheol Jong ssi’s guitar… 🎸 Woah~ its somewhat.. somewhat.. My emotions switched!!! Got messed up.. *crying* 👍👍👍 Tonight please look forward to Sugar Man!!! ^.^


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Translated by: Hannah@WeLoveDara

Videos/Link: 151103 Full Video of Fun-Filled Episode 3 for “Sugar Man” with Cute Maknae MC Dara, Lovable MCs, Dynamic “Show Men,” and Talented “Sugar Men”

Dara so cute and sweet in this episode! She promised that she will speak out more, kekeke! ❤ I love her rapport with the other MCs and how hard she’s trying to be better and better each episode.. ❤

Watch the full Episode 3 here => KShows TV – Sugar Man Episode 3

Here are some short clips from the episode! ❤

Credits: JTBC Entertainment + KShows TV

Video: 151027 Raw Videos of Full Sugar Man Episode 2 Featuring Adorable and Fantastic 4 MCs, Powerful New “Show Men,” and Wonderful “Sugar Men”

No English subs yet, hopefully we can sub this soon! ^^ Sugar Man is really nice, and you can appreciate the music even if you don’t understand the words, right? And the concept of the show is refreshing and charming.. ❤

Sugar Man Episode 2 (RAW)

Credits: krtv2 + HeoĐất

Instagram: Sweet Maknae MC Dara Promotes the “Show Men” and “Sugar Men” for the Third Episode~ “It’s a Senti Night!”

Dara is awkward, awkward with the Show Men, but seem comfy with the Sugar Men.. Kekekeke! XD What is this Dara?! XD but our MC Dara is working hard, so proud of her, so proud! ❤


Awkward…. 😁  This week’s #SugarMan ‘s #showman !!! Trendy music icon! Chart gangster #Crush and #Loco !!! Ah… My ear melted  ㅠ Bbangya bbangya bbangya!!! Swag, swag on stage~ Even when it overflows on stage, these people are really innocent just like me when they get off the stage, 하하하!!! Anyway, be ready to have your ears melt~ ~ 😆👂👍👍👍


Awkward, awkward…. 😁 This week’s #showman for #SugarMan !!! Cutie AOA #Choa who is bursting with cuteness~~~ CRUSH & Loco targeted girls’ hearts, while Choa-ssi targeted guys’ hearts!!! Unexpected situation.. Even the opposite team cheered for Choa-ssi ㅋㅋㅋ But she is not only cute, but has a fabulous singing voice too~!!! 👍👍👍  Kya~ I’m looking forward for today’s match! Who will be the Sugar Man, what Sugar Song will be played, and who will be the winner… ㅎㅎPlease find out on tonight’s broadcast!!! >.<


Today at #SugarMan, #ChoiJongYoon sunbae~!!! I also watched the movie #ThatPerhaps I know Park Bo Young’s certified song, I also talked and knew the people there and it’s quite a lot~ There were 3 compositions from sunbae, Choi Yong Joon! I first met him in a recording room, oh his songs are classic!!! 👏👏👏  It was really fun~ 😁 From now on,  I’m planning to listen to his songs more!!! It’s good to be able to hear songs like this every week~ ^_^


Today at #SugarMan, #KangHyunSoo sunbae~!!! When I was in the Philippines, I borrowed video tapes to watch Kang Hyun Soo sunbae’s programs! I was able to remember my homeland also.. Guerilla concert.. Happy Together, and so on, it brings back good memories >.< It was really nice to meet you~!!! And let’s please fix our also our negotiation (?) event 😁ㅋㅋㅋ The song #IWasNotSure is really good! Kya..  👏👏👏 Memories from so long ago kept coming back right now, it’s a senti night!!! Good night ^_^


Fall into me~ All fall into me~!!! With Kyeong Rim-unnie who I first met a really long time ago~ ~ 😍 During our predebut baby days, we first appeared on a radio show where Kyeong Rim-unnie was the DJ, called Starry Night… Do you remember?! That time, I sang Umbrella.. I was really young ^_^ Today, of all days, memories just keep on coming back~ Ack, my heart!!! Ah ya ya! I’m going to sleep while watching the video during that time on my iPod and be senti~ Good night ^^/ 😴😴😴 Good night Blackjacks 😘


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Re-uploaded and translaetd by: Hannah@WeLoveDara

Photos/Official: 151103 Sweet Maknae MC Sandara Park Livens Up “Sugar Man – Episode 3” with her Colorful Outfit and Atmosphere

Pretty Dara! ❤ She looks so lively and colorful next to the three MCs who were wearing neutral-colored clothes.. XD We’ll put up the links to the videos as soon as they are available. Unfortunately, only clips are available at the moment, not the full episode. Rest assured, we will be updating ASAP.. ^^




Source: JTBC Sugarman Website

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Instagram: Kim Eana Falls Into a “Visual Trap” with “Fairy Dara” in a Picture? ~ “Came Out Less Pretty Next to Dara”

Kim Eana is so cute! It’s so obvious she adores pretty fairy Dara.. ❤


Visual trap because it looks like a mother and daughter portrait, although there’s only five years difference between our ages. Don’t let her sit on your knee if you don’t want to look like a pillar in the picture. Also next to Dara-yang, I came out less pretty #featherweightVSheavyweight #ShesAFairyInHerPastLife


Source: eanakim

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara