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Photos: Scans Of Goddess Dara For Watsons’ Glow Magazine, July-September 2014 Issue

Ooooh! Clio girl Dara on the cover of Glow Magazine, a quarterly magazine by Watsons! ^^ On the magazine, Dara talks about make-up, her career, the people who inspires her most, and her how she wants to runaway with the love of her life someday! Keke! This is a must-read magazine! ❤

I’m not sure if this magazine is available in all Watsons branch, but the one who uploaded these scans is from Singapore. ^^







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Photos: HD Scans Of Gorgeous 2NE1 For Nylon Japan Magazine

Here are HD scans of 2NE1 for Nylon Japan Magazine! Beautiful OT4! <333


Gorgeous Dara scans! ^^ That smile….. ♥_♥





More scans of the girls below! ^_^


Photos: HQ Scans Of 2NE1’s Feature in Singapore’s Teen Magazine – “The Power Of 2NE1”

The magazine talks about 2NE1’s enjoyable “All Or Nothing” concert as well as the open press conference in Singapore and also some behind the scene moments. It describes the concert in detail (and in style too!) and it’s even more awesome ‘coz it is written in English. Have fun reading! ^_^







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Photos: HD Scans of Fierce and Colorful 2NE1 on Japan’s Yoho Magazine, May 2014 Issue

The girls looking so stylish and gorgeous as ever! ^_^





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Photos+Translations: HQ Scans of Colorful, Lovely 2NE1 for Japan’s Pop Teen Magazine, July Issue

What a colorful feature! ^_^ Hoping for English translations! ❤


I like hat/cap so much, so I have different colors.

In the morning, I often beat pots and the members will be awakened.

Q1: What kind of character do you think of yourself?
A1: 2ne1′s PR Department ____ manager. I manage everyone’s schedule. I always carry things such as medicine, tissue and daily necessities. When I’m worried, a mother-like person helps me – Minzy.

Q2: What kind of fashion do you like?
A1: Up and down’s the same, hiphop fashion’s group of primary colors. Alias: Bruce Lee style. (laugh)

Q3: What kind of fashion do you check?
A1: I go shopping. When I came to Japan, I certainly go to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Q4: Is there a thing you’re into nowadays?
A4: Polaroid camera. For this time’s visit in Japan, I bought various kinds of film at Don Quixote. (Don Quixote is a shop in Japan I guess.)

Q5: What kind of music do you like?
A5: Because it became hot recently, latin music; while I exercise …. Shakira’s music….
(The kanji’s not so clear enough for me to read so this one’s a mess ^_^)

Q6:What is the secret to your style?
A6: I think it is important to continue to make an effort everyday.

Q7: What is your way/method of stress reduction?
A7: Shopping

Q8: Please tell everybody a secret you haven’t revealed.
A8: When the concert is finished, I eat ramen at the back of the stage/dressing room. Because I spare salt before the concert, the ramen I eat there is the most delicious.



Credits for translations: itsumisuzune at OhDara’s comments section! ❤ Thank you so much! ^_^


Photos+Translations: HQ Scans of Fierce and Gorgeous 2NE1 for Japan’s Mini Magazine, July Issue

Gorgeous ladies in black! ❤ I hope the translations for the interviews in this magazine would be out soon. ^^




Girls’ Talk doesn’t stop‼!
2NE1′s Which Faction!?

Q: Suddenly, in the middle of the night, you are told by your boyfriend that he wants to meet you?
A. Of course! I’ll go and meet him.
B. I won’t go.

Bom: Certainly A. I will go.
Dara: I wonder if I won’t go.
Minzy: Yeah, I’ll go… maybe.
CL: I’ll decide depending on the situation/condition. (…..) If I have work the next day, perhaps I won’t go. I’ll decide by (depending on) my mood that day. (laugh)

Q: What do you prefer a guy will say to you?
A. Kind
B. Cute

Dara,Bom,Minzy: B!!! (in a quick response)
CL: Either one is good.
Dara: Is that so?
CL: It’s good if a guy won’t say anything to me. Because I don’t want to be praised by a guy.
Minzy: I see~. “you’re kind” is also good but, “you’re cute” is better (…….) I think.
Dara: Yes. Moreover (………)
Bom: When you say “you’re kind”, I feel like it seems cheap (………)

Q: [About boyfriend again]
A. Good listener
B. Good talker

CL,Dara,Bom: A!
CL: A guy who is good in talking is…..
Dara: Playboy? (laugh)
CL: Yes. I can’t be confident. (laugh) No good!
Minzy: Because I’m a good listener myself, isn’t it better that my partner is good in talking?


Source: @me21bom + itsumisuzune at the comments section for the translations! Thank you! ❤
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HD Scans: Pretty Dara, 2NE1 from “What’s Up! We 2NE1” Calendar and Photobook

Dara’s smile~ So pretty! ♥_♥




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Photos: Beautiful 2NE1 for “What’s Up! We 2NE1″ Photobook and Calendar

Our girls looking so colorful and beautiful in the photobook and calendar! Waaah~ Me wants! T_T



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Scans: 130413 2NE1 Featured in “The Straits Times” Newspaper




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Photos: HQ Scans of 2NE1’s New Evolution in Japan DVD Photobook

YAY HQ PICTURES! <333 Oohhh this photobook looks nice! I want the DVD too. T_T And so many pretty Dara pics.. <333