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Photos: 140706 More HQ Photos Of Youthful Dara At 2NE1’s “All Or Nothing” After Party In Japan

The queen of baby faces! ❤ So pretty and youthful! T_T





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Photos: 140712 HQ Fan-Taken Photos Of Smexy Dara At “All Or Nothing” Concert In Kobe, Japan (Day 1)

Oh how I miss pretty Dara! T_T Just look at her…… Would you blame me if all I can see are skin, skin, and more skin? T_T So sexy!





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Photos: 140712 HQ Fan-Taken Photos of Gorgeous 2NE1 at “All Or Nothing” Concert in Kobe, Japan (Day 1)

Yey for HQ photos! ^_^ Pretty ladies in white… ❤










Photos+Translations: HQ Scans of Colorful, Lovely 2NE1 for Japan’s Pop Teen Magazine, July Issue

What a colorful feature! ^_^ Hoping for English translations! ❤


I like hat/cap so much, so I have different colors.

In the morning, I often beat pots and the members will be awakened.

Q1: What kind of character do you think of yourself?
A1: 2ne1′s PR Department ____ manager. I manage everyone’s schedule. I always carry things such as medicine, tissue and daily necessities. When I’m worried, a mother-like person helps me – Minzy.

Q2: What kind of fashion do you like?
A1: Up and down’s the same, hiphop fashion’s group of primary colors. Alias: Bruce Lee style. (laugh)

Q3: What kind of fashion do you check?
A1: I go shopping. When I came to Japan, I certainly go to Harajuku and Shibuya.

Q4: Is there a thing you’re into nowadays?
A4: Polaroid camera. For this time’s visit in Japan, I bought various kinds of film at Don Quixote. (Don Quixote is a shop in Japan I guess.)

Q5: What kind of music do you like?
A5: Because it became hot recently, latin music; while I exercise …. Shakira’s music….
(The kanji’s not so clear enough for me to read so this one’s a mess ^_^)

Q6:What is the secret to your style?
A6: I think it is important to continue to make an effort everyday.

Q7: What is your way/method of stress reduction?
A7: Shopping

Q8: Please tell everybody a secret you haven’t revealed.
A8: When the concert is finished, I eat ramen at the back of the stage/dressing room. Because I spare salt before the concert, the ramen I eat there is the most delicious.



Credits for translations: itsumisuzune at OhDara’s comments section! ❤ Thank you so much! ^_^


HQ Photos: 130524 Gorgeous fresh Dara at Korea University Festival

Just… wow *.*


BLCrTX4CYAAQlQn.jpg large




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Photos: HQ Fan-Taken Photos of Smiling 2NE1 Arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand

How heartwarming is it to see the girls smiling and waving to the Thai blackjacks who went to see them at the airport? <333




HQ Photos: 121201 Goddess Dara, 2NE1 at New Evolution Concert in Singapore

Hooray for HQ photos! Keke! Hoping for more! <333





Photos: 121115 Gorgeous and Glowing Tigress Dara at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Wow, WoW and WOW!!!! How gorgeous and glowing Dara is looking on these pictures just… WOWS me!!!

Bask in her beauty!!!


Also, CAPA said  that this is the earliest flight they have ever met before! Dara was super cute that she went to fans to receive their gifts!


HQ Photos: 121111 2NE1 at the SBS Kpop Super Concert in LA

Yey for HQ Photos! The girls look stunning! <333

Kyaaa! Smexy Dara! /drools


HQ Photos: 121111 Beautiful Dara and 2NE1 at SBS K-Pop Super Concert Rehearsal

Super gorgeous and fierce Dara during rehearsal!!! WOW! I am really digging that dress on her! Her natural black hair and milky white legs too! Wooot! Smexy Dara! <333