Just… wow *.*


BLCrTX4CYAAQlQn.jpg large




Source: Closer@OhMyGoddess + DCGallInside + KristineKwak

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "HQ Photos: 130524 Gorgeous fresh Dara at Korea University Festival" (9)

  1. zerowing said:

    chicago bulls derrick rose number 1

    my ultimate bias in bball and kpop come to one…= super epicness

  2. no bad angle at all. so pretty ❤

  3. Gorgeous DARA is Gorgeous

  4. last pic, she looks like Eugene of S.E.S ❤

  5. 3 hats in 1? lol Dara is so cute!

  6. I want her cap…

  7. She is glowing. Beautiful Dara unnie 🙂

  8. i swear…dara looks prettiest when shes wearing the simplest of clothes…so future houseband is very lucky to see dara in simple house clothes in their house everyday…ke k ke..

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