Yey for HQ Photos! The girls look stunning! <333

Kyaaa! Smexy Dara! /drools


 Source: @mavsfanA + @gggiiieeee + @Dara_syr

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "HQ Photos: 121111 2NE1 at the SBS Kpop Super Concert in LA" (26)

  1. Missy musni said:

    All I can say is when 2ne1 talked the boys kept looking on left cant u see that ?? Hahaa
    Even when they are not talking they keep looking on the left side

  2. SBS KPOP CONCERT FINALE – All Artists 11.10.2012

  3. is it true snsd is last to perform???and 2ne1 2nd to the last???before snsd???

  4. how many songs each artist perform?how many songs 2ne1 did coz i feel they performed like its their concert and they got many songs to sing???TNX

  5. goddessDARA said:

    waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dara so pretty!! wae??? it’s so unfair!! LOL.. love you Dara! #HappyKrungyDay 🙂

  6. and and their hair color wow so different!! liking it 😀

  7. omg kekeke 2ne1 girls looks so cute and small!! kekek god look at sistar’s heels!!

  8. Is there any interactions? 🙂

  9. it’s very wrong to standing next to dara. not only she makes you rethink your age, she also outshines uncontrollably!!! You’re angel.

    • yeah i totally agree with you..a good example for that was the second pic, that girl who ever she is was staring at Dara and was like how old I am again?..hehehe..

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  10. waaa i’m loving her more and more ( Dara ) Beautiful as ever and I read she shined the most in that event? yey! Bom looks pretty as usual and I got to say Minzy looks good, didn’t like her hair at first but it grew on me I guess =) and CL looks damn fine too 2ne1 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. On that 2nd pic, Dara talked in English!! deym!

  12. like always 2ne1 performances is the best s0000000000000000 the best of the best^_^

  13. OMG dara glows.. I love their dress.. WOW! dara with a black long hair suits her pretty well

  14. Dara really is a ageless goddess <333 Even she is standing beside the female idols who are much more younger than her , but she more like "maknae" and prettier ^^

  15. cnblue_jonghyun_fanatic said:

    she’s really gorgeous!!!!!!! i bet there’s a lot of jealous girl singer……. no doubt about that!

  16. sooooo pretty [drool] simply stuuning AND super Beautiful…

  17. I hope Dara will keep this look, she’s so lovely in a dress.

  18. dara is really so pretty~ ♥

  19. Even Dara didn’t wear highheels that night she shines the most that night!!! Her Beauty is Amazing can’t describe where she got that!

  20. dara in this perf is perfection……..i really love seeing her in a mini dress….and the hair… everything….

  21. That’s Dasom right??second to the left of Sistar? I hate her posture! she shouldn’t stand like that in front of many people!

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