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Photos+Translations: HQ Scans of Fierce and Gorgeous 2NE1 for Japan’s Mini Magazine, July Issue

Gorgeous ladies in black! ❤ I hope the translations for the interviews in this magazine would be out soon. ^^




Girls’ Talk doesn’t stop‼!
2NE1′s Which Faction!?

Q: Suddenly, in the middle of the night, you are told by your boyfriend that he wants to meet you?
A. Of course! I’ll go and meet him.
B. I won’t go.

Bom: Certainly A. I will go.
Dara: I wonder if I won’t go.
Minzy: Yeah, I’ll go… maybe.
CL: I’ll decide depending on the situation/condition. (…..) If I have work the next day, perhaps I won’t go. I’ll decide by (depending on) my mood that day. (laugh)

Q: What do you prefer a guy will say to you?
A. Kind
B. Cute

Dara,Bom,Minzy: B!!! (in a quick response)
CL: Either one is good.
Dara: Is that so?
CL: It’s good if a guy won’t say anything to me. Because I don’t want to be praised by a guy.
Minzy: I see~. “you’re kind” is also good but, “you’re cute” is better (…….) I think.
Dara: Yes. Moreover (………)
Bom: When you say “you’re kind”, I feel like it seems cheap (………)

Q: [About boyfriend again]
A. Good listener
B. Good talker

CL,Dara,Bom: A!
CL: A guy who is good in talking is…..
Dara: Playboy? (laugh)
CL: Yes. I can’t be confident. (laugh) No good!
Minzy: Because I’m a good listener myself, isn’t it better that my partner is good in talking?


Source: @me21bom + itsumisuzune at the comments section for the translations! Thank you! ❤
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