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Trendy wine colour is sexy
With the recent surge in popularity of red eyeliner, Korean brand CLIO launched this fresh new colour. I was able to an e-mail interview with CLIO‘s beautiful new endorser – popular Korean girl-group 2NE1‘s Sandara Park. There are different tones of red, Sandara Park prefers the wine red eyeliner. She says: “Wine is a very eye-catching and sexy colour and it’s also easy to match with other colours. Wine is this season’s trend as it can create a very classy style of make-up”

Eyeliner can change the style of your fashion
Sandara says: “I’ve always liked to create and that eyeliner plays an important role as it can change the style of your dressing. Hence, I always have an eyeliner in my makeup pouch. Even if my schedule isn’t too busy, I will never forget to draw my eyeliner to make myself look more fresh and energized. I like both styles but I think the angel style is more special, especially the layers of the eyeliner as it creates a fantasy and dreamy feel.”

CLIO‘s previous endorser was Lee Hyori and being Lee Hyori‘s ‘successor’, how does she feel about endorsing this brand? Sandara politely replied: “In Korea, the gorgeous Lee Hyori is a style icon, I like her style very much. I feel honoured to be her successor and that I’m able to create my own style, leading the trend in cosmetics.”

Sandara‘s eye makeup has always been different from the norm and there are countless videos online of fans mimicking her makeup style, sharing steps on how to re-create Sandara‘s makeup. She says: “To be able to garner the interest of other girls, lead the trend, and be a trendy icon to them, I feel very honoured. I’ll continue to be daring in trying different makeup styles and take care of my skin, so that I can continue to be a beauty icon.”

She shared her beauty tips which is to get enough sleep. “If I sleep well, I feel that my skin becomes more moisturized and soft. If I’m busy, and there’s not much time to sleep, my secret is to apply facial masks.”


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