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HD Scans: Pretty Dara, 2NE1 from “What’s Up! We 2NE1” Calendar and Photobook

Dara’s smile~ So pretty! ♥_♥




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Photos: Beautiful 2NE1 for “What’s Up! We 2NE1″ Photobook and Calendar

Our girls looking so colorful and beautiful in the photobook and calendar! Waaah~ Me wants! T_T



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Photos: Gorgeous Dara Perfection In 2NE1’s “What’s Up! We 2NE1” Photobook and Calendar

WOW! Happy Monday to everyone! If you’re anything like me, I don’t like Mondays very much because it signals the start of the week when I have to go to work. T_T BUT BUT BUT! If my Monday is welcomed by this gorgeous perfection, then I don’t mind Mondays, kekekeke! What a lovely start of the week! ^________^

These beautiful, flawless Dara photos are from the “What’s Up! We 2NE1!” photobook and calendar (2013-2014) special in Japan! ^_^ I love her style and all the shots! Love the minimal make-up, hints of skin showing, and her long, flowing hair. T_T Gah! Can I have this one too? T_T




More goddess Dara perfection after the cut!