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Scans: Goddess Dara in Allure Korea Magazine

Wooot. I think they’re trying to show Dara’s transformations since 2009. From her cute lollipop days,  fierce shaved-head days, to a mature sexy concept for Clio Cosmetics. Beautiful Dara will always be beautiful! <333




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Scans: Goddess Dara on Indonesian Magazine, “Teen”




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Photos: “Blackjack Nolza” Official Fanclub Magazine in Japan Photos

Ooooh! Here are photos/scans of 2NE1’s official fanclub magazine in Japan! Photos from New Evolution in Japan, polaroids, as well as letters from 2NE1 are found inside! ♥ Lucky Japanese Blackjacks! <333






More photos of the magazine after the cut! ^^


Scans: 2NE1 Featured on Hallyu Magazine

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Scans: Beautiful Dara on Sparkling Magazine, October 2012 Issue

Really pretty Goddess Dee on Sparkling Magazine~! ^^

Here she talks about Korean dramas, missing the Philippines, and many more! ^^ We miss you too Dara! <333

2NE1 was also featured on the magazine~! Check out the scan after the cut!


Scans: Close-Up of Super Cute Dara from JJ Magazine (Japan)

Super love love Dara’s poses here! She’s too cute!!! <333



Scans: Gorgeous Dara for JJ Magazine, September Issue (Japan)

OH MY GOD! Dara looks absolutelybeautiful and fresh on these magazine scans!!! I swear she looks like a teenager! Forever young, Dara!!! <333

I love her dorky poses here! I hope bigger pictures of these would be released!!! Cute dorky Dara!!! <333

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Photos: 2NE1 and Big Bang in “Becoming An Entertainer Despite Genes” – Book Launch And Scans


Photos: Scans Of YG Family Concert Featured On Japan’s KstaPress Magazine!

YAY! New-ish pics featured on a magazine! ^^ It’s awesome how after months already, Japanese magazines still feature YG Family Concert! ^^

YG Family in the press con pictures after the cut. ^^.