Wooot. I think they’re trying to show Dara’s transformations since 2009. From her cute lollipop days,  fierce shaved-head days, to a mature sexy concept for Clio Cosmetics. Beautiful Dara will always be beautiful! <333




Source: @majinga_song
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Scans: Goddess Dara in Allure Korea Magazine" (11)

  1. Dara in 2013 is my favorite! Can’t wait to see her new look for Clio.

  2. jagiya daragon said:

    dara retains an ageless charm… she’s a truly goddess.^__^

  3. 2013 chic, sophisticated more matured DARA 🙂

  4. Wah! Dara-shi look the same. ^_^

  5. it seems that the pictures of her was just taken yesterday! forever young dara!

  6. Such a pretty lady!!

  7. ageless beauty ~~

  8. theiansako said:

    the only thing that change is age, make up and style
    she still looks young and gorgeous

  9. My beauty budget is keep for CLIO products 🙂 i will keep on supporting you dara! though I really like Etude’s BB cream, I will look forward more on CLIO’s different product! I know this will be a blessed year for you also and a big success for CLIO!

  10. cheneechee said:

    Timeless keke

  11. No signs of the passing of time except for the hairstyle. *sigh*

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