Fierce Dara owning GD! Kekeke~ ^^ It’s true though, you simply cannot order a Goddess to wash the dishes for you. XD Cute YG family teasing each other~ Peace out y’all! ^^


GD: Noona, then do our house’s dishes too

DARA: I’m not someone you just order to do your dishes for you~~~ㅋㅋㅋ

(A/N: GD is referring to Taeyang’s tweet about Dara washing the dishes.)


OMG! This is seriously too cute! ^^ Dara’s rawr! Kekeke~ Don’t yield to him Dara. Don’t do it!!! XD


GD: Do it do it do it do it (A/N: According to our translator and some KVIPs, GD’s tweet was done in a super cute way/aegyo attack.)

DARA: Won’t do it won’t do it~ Dadoong! Bite him!!! Roar~ ㅋㅋㅋ(And she added a photo of Dadoong)

Source: @krungy21 + @IBGDRGN

Translated by: @ygfan4life + @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara to G-Dragon – “I’m Not Someone You Can Just Boss Around”" (79)

  1. DARA is the REAL BOSS!!! hohoho!

  2. WHEEE can’t stop smiling! hahahaha

  3. CarlaHearts2ne1 said:

    and the saga continues, YB just jumped in hahaha! popcorn, anyone? seriously, i’m really loving this convo. i thank God the day Dara joined twitter…

  4. i wonder if bets are being made among yg fam on who wins this battle? is this the 1st public showdown of this kind among yg artists?

  5. If Seungri butts in into the conversation, I’m sure the bullying will turn on him – that’s why he’s keeping silent. In fact, I think he is already doing GD’s dishes in the first place. LOL

  6. awkward610 said:

    Lol dara… that picture of dadoong not even intimidating to scared the dragon. Maybe he will back down because he got tired of too much laughing of that so called treath picture^^

  7. ilovedara said:

    kyaa Daragon so kilig kekeke:)

  8. ckjack_bla said:

    This is… SHAMELESS FLIRTING IN PUBLIC!!! However, I’m not complaining because their tweets are witty and entertaining. I wonder how it will end.

  9. oh you two stop it. you’re making me blush…heehee..^_^

  10. Hahahaha! These two are sooo childish! But… HAHAHAHA!!! My tummy hurts from laughing! Dara asking dadoong to bite him is just… Lmao! I wonder if GD will also ask Gaho to scratch Dara unnie. Hehehe XD

  11. I’m actually waiting for VI to join in iykwim =))

  12. grr.. haha dara so powerful godess

  13. OMGGGGG! I can’t stop giggling!!! Dara’s reply is so cute!!! OMG! And the pets are already getting involved! LOLOLOLOL! I wonder if GD will come back with something cute and witty again. Maybe he’ll use Gaho/Jolie, as well? LOL! Such a cute convo! Go, Dara unnie! XD

  14. dara’s reply is so funny1 she’s like asking help from dadoong hehhehe!

  15. Hey hey guys, Dara-unnie already replied to Gd-oppa>
    TRANS] RT @krungy21: @IBGDRGN I won’t do it, I won’t I won’t~ Dadoong! Bite!!! Roar~ kk

  16. Dara just posted a picture of dadongie tagging GD with it

  17. gd’s reply is so cute!!! now i’m waiting for the goddess to response. its like i’m waiting for the next episode of a drama series hehehe!

    • dara replied!!!OMG!!!dara to gd:Won’t do it won’t do it~ Dadoong! Bite him!!! Roar~ ㅋㅋㅋ(w/ dadoong pic):))

  18. no fair! aegyo counter attack! that boy know his charm…

  19. awkward610 said:

    LOL…i actually like dara’s answer. But that is not fair gd. Counter attack with an aegyo??? Shame on you. How does dara gonna answer that. Please tell him that you already immune to his aegyo dara. That would be funny ^^

  20. i love and enjoy reading the comments very funny,very nice interaction bet. Dara and GD,THEY MAKE US FANS HAPPY(DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEIR RELATRIONSHIP IS) i also
    like an interaction bet. D0nghae and Dara they ‘ll be cute in drama.

  21. tangerine_24 said:

    EEErrrr…what are they doing??? But I have to admit even if I’m not shipping these 2, the interaction is a bit cute and interesting….and spazz-worthy?????hahahahaha…naaahhhh..they’re just friends..don’t like the guy that much. I wonder if Kmedia has already caught up in this mini twitter battle…hhhmmmm….

  22. OMG its like reading a fan fic and waiting for the next update coz youre left hanging but this fan fic is for real baby!!!!

  23. I just love their interaction. Regardless if Dara and GD are just friends (?)…or…lovers (?) we feel that there is a genuine love and concern for each other. Whether people like it or not, they’ve known each other for a long time that’s why they are so comfortable talking like this. I hope this convo continues forever. I agree with the others, it’s like watching a drama series. I’m already getting excited to see/hear Dara’s answer to GD. YG Family is the best!

  24. Lol I feel like this is the most commented post! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ jiyong-ah~ Darong will not wash your dishes because she is a goddess okay? Lol
    Us VIPs will do them! ^^

  25. Bad dongsenng after you called her noona then asking her to wash your dishes.. very respectful donseng you are.. lols..yg family for the win…sooo this is what i like no shipping include.. =)

  26. thats right dara show him who’s the real boss… you go gurl…^_____^

  27. What’s happening??? Why isn’t anybody from yg butting in and stopping these two from bantering with each other?! Not that I’m complaining though. XD This is getting fun! It’s like watching a drama. Kekeke!

  28. Kyaaaaaah!omona!cute & funny Daragon moments!hihi.I squealed when I saw Jiyong’s ‘Do it’ aegyo

  29. Dara killing Ji’s ego..then here comes Jiyongie with his AEGYO~~~ aigooo….waiting for Dara’s reply…

    this is like waiting fo a fanfic update…hahaha!

  30. “She killed my ego…” HAHAHAHAHA so cute, these two 😉

  31. hahaha gd used his power do it do it do w/aegyo …hahaha

  32. LOL GD replyed!
    He said “do it, do it, do it, do it”
    Ahahahahah!!! He so cute and childish!! I hope dara would give an epic comeback!

  33. yeah! im waiting for gd’s reply dara keep going

  34. lol Dara!! You go girl!! 🙂

  35. in-your-face boy dragon. lol

  36. Ha ha ha…GD should have known he got it coming!! Witty Dara!

  37. Sorry guys! I wan dará and top… Hahaha….

  38. restilleto said:

    I would like to think that “ke ke ke” puts in sarcasm rather than cuteness in her tweet! Nobody messes with a goddess….LOL.

  39. Dara is really sweet… She placed KeKeKe at the end to take the sting out of her tweet to GD…. Maybe to avoid any misunderstandings also ….


  41. Dara is merely saying she cannot do it right now for they are not married yet ^o^

  42. kyaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Dara yah so fierce, but then at the end a loving and sweet one… omo…daragon..sorry admin for my comment… kekekeke


  44. Dang girl! Lol. I love YG Family’s close relationship lol :))) it seems like a real family xD

  45. only dara can pull this on gdragon so cute! waiting for gd’s reply

  46. love the convo<3

  47. smitten by Dara said:

    it’s pay back time Dara!! LOL.. that’s my girl! fighting!!!

  48. That’s my girl >.< lol reading those tweets is like watching darama itself xDDD

  49. LIKE A BOSS!!! XDD

    now waiting for GD’s reply…hahaha….

  50. trololol Dara! I thought that “If it’s for my YG family” then it is ok like what you tweeted to RJ~~ ahahah!! I Dara is the only one who can resist the Dragon~~

  51. LOLOLOL!!! Dara, so sassy! XDDD

  52. tangerine_24 said:

    crash and burn…ouch!!!! That’s my girl 😛

  53. Fierce dara with a cute side…love their interaction,its means they are really close

  54. desiweelovesapples said:

    BOOM SHAKALAKA! Pwnd him! Lol

  55. Hahaha! So love this side of Dara! Cute YG fam interaction! ^_^

  56. huahahahahahahahahahaha
    Dara is so goooooooood

  57. wow love seeing fierce Dara!

  58. wooohhhh….Sassy Dara.

  59. Lol. But Dara shouldn’t have added the keke!

    Fierce Dara isn’t fierce with the keke. But I’m so happy with the interactions. We know she’s ‘awkward’with the boys, except for Seungri. So its nice to see something like this.

    Now just patiently editing for Seungri to day something lol

  60. Yeah!!! GIRL POWER FOR THE WIN! I love you Darong!!!

  61. Redfeather541 said:

    Oh snap! This just got serious?!!!!

  62. She should have used (!!!) and hmp … instead of ~~~ and kekeke…LOLS!!!


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