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News: Which 2NE1 member once wanted to be a nun?


SINGAPORE: “It could be shocking, but when I was a little girl, I wanted to be a nun,” said CL, when Korean girl group 2NE1 met the media on Friday, ahead of their first full-length concert in Singapore.

Apart from Bom, who expressed that she couldn’t imagine doing anything other than music, 2NE1 members Dara and Minzy also gave some surprising answers, when asked what they would have done if they didn’t enter the music industry.

Minzy revealed that she would have become a poet, while Dara said she would probably be an actress or a housewife if she wasn’t a singer.

Dara said she had a soft spot for acting as it allows her to “be anybody I want to be, and I can slap somebody’s face”.

“I can’t do that in real life, so I want to try it!” she continued with a grin.

The quartet, who will conclude their first global tour with their gig at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, said they spent about two months preparing for their concert tour, and looked forward to meeting their fans here.

“We’ve been waiting so long to come to Singapore and have our own show and meet our Blackjacks (the collective name for 2NE1’s fans) here, so we’re very excited,” said CL.

“And I know how energetic they are, so we’re very happy to be here.”


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HD Photos: 121116 Beautiful Sandara at NE Press Conference in Taiwan

OH MY GAHD!!!! HELP ME BREATHE!!! Dara is too gorgeous to be true!!! These HD photos are to die for!!! Her smile, her laugh, her pouting face… Her everything is too precious!!! Kyaaaa!!!! I AM IN DARA HEAVEN RIGHT NOW… My Dara feels are exploding, creating fireworks of rainbows and flowers and hearts and unicorns!!! Bwahaha! <333 YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS SANDARA PARK UNNIE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! <333

Dara looking straight to my soul! /DIES


Press Photos: 121116 2NE1 at New Evolution in Taiwan

More press photos of the girls during the press conference and the concert itself! ^^


Fan-Taken: 121116 More Photos of Dara, 2NE1 at New Evolution in Taiwan

Here are more photos of Goddess Dee and 2NE1 at New Evolution in Taiwan! ❤

Dara smiling ever so brightly!!! <333


Fancams: 121116 More Fancams of 2NE1’s Performances at New Evolution in Taiwan

More fancams! ^^



Photos: 121116 Dara and CL Leaving the After Party of New Evolution Tour in Taiwan


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Press Photos: 2NE1 During New Evolution Press Conference

The girls looked so gorgeous during the press conference prior to the concert! Dara also flaunted her Chinese skills ^^


Fancams: 121117 New Evolution in Taiwan


☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆




Twitter: Dara Tweets Photos from “New Evolution” Saitama, Japan

OMG, Dara is so cute! She posted some pictures of herself on stage during the New Evolution Concert in Saitama yesterday ^^

It seems she really enjoyed herself, despite being away from home on Chuseok day! ^^

These pictures are so cute! Super love her hairstyle too! It suits her so much! ♥

I wonder where she got the pictures..! Did she ask someone to snap shots of her…?

Or maybe from her fansite? ^^


Info/Cap: Tour Date for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert Tour in Singapore Confirmed!

Woot!!! SG Blackjacks now have a date to look forward to! ^_^ Let’s all wait ’till YG reveals the other tour dates and cities! 

Source: 2NE1’s Facebook