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Photos: 131201 Pretty, Smiling Dara at Inkigayo Encore Stage After 2NE1’s Inkigayo Win!

Dara’s bright smile, in contrast with her serious, sad eyes during the perf! ❤ Conveying emotions through her expressive eyes.. ❤




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Photos: 131201 Official Picture of Beautiful 2NE1 from Second “Missing You” Stage

Our chic, pretty girls! They each have a different “color” to them, but somehow match so well together… ❤ There’s something to be said for simple sets and focusing on the music, but there’s also something to be said for awesomely decorated stages like this one! SBS Inkigayo doesn’t spare anything when it comes to stages.. ❤







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News: 2NE1 speaks with fondness about ‘The Heirs’

2NE1 speaks with fondness about ‘The Heirs’


2NE1 were guests on the recent episode of SBS radio show ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, where they talked about a variety of topics including fashion and television drama ‘The Heirs’.

During the broadcast, CL revealed that the members often don’t follow what their stylists had prepared for them. As for airport fashion, CL said, “We find it really fun and interesting when we depart from Korea, but strangely, it’s really difficult when we return home.”

The members then chatted about popular drama ‘The Heirs’. Park Bom said, “I recently fell in love with Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) from SBS TV drama ‘The Heirs’. ‘The Heirs’ is one of my favourite shows in recent times.” Sandara Park then said that her favourite character in the drama was Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin), while Gong Minzy picked Trash (Jung Woo) from ‘Reply 1994’. But CL said, “I haven’t see the 2 dramas that they are referring to, so I am not really clear.”

Choi Hwa Jung then complimented Minzy for looking prettier than before, to which the latter answered, “I did a lot of slimming exercises, so I looked a bit prettier. I did more physical exercises in the past, but I am focusing more on doing stretching exercises and Pilates lately. I have to take good care of my own body figure.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has managed to rank highly on music charts with ‘Missing You’ for 3 consecutive weeks, while also winning #1 on the November 7th episode of MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and the November 8th episode of SBS TV ‘Popular Song’.

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Photos: Super HD Press Photos of Gorgeous Dara and 2NE1 from Mnet M!Countdown

Super, duper HD! I am LOVING it!!! ❤ Click on the pics to view the full size!






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Video: 131205 2NE1 Wins Number 1 + Encore On M! Countdown


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Video: 131205 2NE1 M! Countdown Come Back Stage For Missing You

131205 2NE1 Missing You Comeback Stage On M! Countdown


Source: Mnet


Photos: 131205 Press Pictures Of Casual 2NE1 At M! Countdown ~ Performance + Encore Stage

My lovely, lovely girls! Their set isn’t as elaborate as their other stages, but I love how this focused on the girls more and on their singing.. ❤ According to Dispatch, Woo Bin had a “mission” for the winner, and this was to act sad, as they had to during their MV. He was whispering to Dara to tell her the mission, and she passed it on to the girls.. ^_^


press pic 28

press pic 45

press pic 47

press pic 49

Haha, Park sisters!!! SO SO SO CUTE! TT_____________TT

press pic 6

More pics in the gallery below the cut!


Video: 131205 2NE1 Missing You Live at Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time” Radio

Oohhhh the girls sounded so good during the live!!! They all have such wonderful voices, with different colors! It’s always a treat to hear them do a live performance. ❤

131205 2NE1 Missing You Live at Choi Hwa Jung’s “Power Time” Radio

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Twitter: Mnet Shares Pictures of 2NE1 Having Fun Backstage at M!Countdown

Ooohh, the girls are wearing MV outfits! ❤ I just love that sweater and dress combination from Dara! ❤


Dara who doing her popular joke pose, not sleeping~~ Normal sense, not sleeping (word play of some kind)~~ Just shooting for their broadcast, dadada!!! Watch them ~~ Today at 6:00PM on M!Countdown! 2NE1


“2NE1 who are full of fun and charisma!!!
Lifting up the atmosphere with their existence~
Today, at 6:00 PM on M!Countdown! 2NE1″


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Photos: 131201 Official Pictures of 2NE1’s First Broadcast Win for “Missing You” In Inkigayo!

Aww, how cute are our girls with their trophy?! Minzy and Dara’s kissy faces! Kekeke! ❤ And their adorable smiles! ❤




Source: SBS Top Idols Website

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