My lovely, lovely girls! Their set isn’t as elaborate as their other stages, but I love how this focused on the girls more and on their singing.. ❤ According to Dispatch, Woo Bin had a “mission” for the winner, and this was to act sad, as they had to during their MV. He was whispering to Dara to tell her the mission, and she passed it on to the girls.. ^_^


press pic 28

press pic 45

press pic 47

press pic 49

Haha, Park sisters!!! SO SO SO CUTE! TT_____________TT

press pic 6

More pics in the gallery below the cut!

press pic 46

press pic 42


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Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 131205 Press Pictures Of Casual 2NE1 At M! Countdown ~ Performance + Encore Stage" (8)

  1. It seems that Dara became closer with Woo Bin than with Minho when they shot the Kiss cf/mv (as friends).

    I know that there is supposed to be a no shipping rule, and that Woo Bin is already dating someone, but I just cannot help but to squeal at the pics of Dara and Woo Bin’s interaction.

  2. i cant stop smiling…woo bin and 2ne1…whoooahhh and woo bin and dara..the whisper…the closeness… im just happy that dara is having friends outside yg..and OMG woo bin is so yummy…

  3. When I saw the picture of him whispering to Dara, I was like, “Who’s that guy? He’s cute. I’m gonna ship them!” in a creepy voice. Haha

  4. Kim Woo Bin – Sandara Park ” Whispers lightly” is trending #2 on Nate’s Entertainment section: LOL I just thought of googling them to see if anyone out there ships them. Now I want them in a drama together. Casting directors should take notice!!!

  5. desiweelovesapples said:

    Or Dara unnie could’ve lent her that one haha

  6. oh so bommie also has that blue plaid shirt like dara’s? i’m so intrigued with their wardrobe arrangement kkk~~

  7. desiweelovesapples said:

    I know huh?! For I moment there, I thought he was gonna kiss her haha too bad he’s dating someone though..

  8. OMG………2nd time of dara and woo bin whispering moments….LOL this is safe right…..he’s already taken but they look really cute,,,,,,,anyway congrats 2ne1 for the 4th win….

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