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Photos: 2NE1 In Promotional Materials For LG Best Shop-Intel Collab For Make Thumb Noise

LG Best Shop Korea collaborates with Intel for the Make Thumb Noise project! ^^


Source: Intel KOrea Facebook + LG Best Shop Korea

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Screencaps Of Gorgeous Dara And Park Sisters In Make Thumb Noise Round 4 BTS!

The thing with videos is that sometimes, the frames move too fast for us to appreciate them. ^^ Thus, the beauty of frame-by-frame screencaps. It’s a pain to sort through, but it’s well worth it. ^^ 

I love how Dara looks beautiful and gorgeous, even with her minimal make up, simple outfit, and laid-back hairstyle. I think that what makes Dara stunning is her ability to shine, even when she chooses to be simple. It’s because Dara is that. She’s simplicity at its finest. ^^

So intense!

Her Ssantokki face! Her scrunched up nose! Can she get any more cuter?! 

And man! I love her annoyed/frustrated/thinking-deep face! I love how effortless her expressions are! ^^

Check out the cut for more Dara pics, and pics of Park sisters! ^^


Vid: Park Sisters For 2NE1 “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Round 4) Making Film

Park sisters!!! My, pretty, awesome, beautiful Park sisters! ^^

OMG! Dara practicing guitar, and is that her composing something? OMG Dara-ya! Go for it baby girl! I hope that she was able to practice the guitar a lot so that she can play during this year’s Nolza! And how awesome would it be if she were to include a composition of hers in one of 2NE1’s albums? ^^ And pretty, pretty Bommie hard at work recording! ^^ And Park sisters with Master Hwang at the gym! ^^

2NE1 – “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Round 4)_Making Film


Photos/Video/Info: Make Thumb Noise Project, Last Round! Vote For The Sleek Bridge Part!

Weee! We are now on the last part of the “Make Thumb Noise” project! It’s been fun voting right? ^^ We now have to vote for the bridge part of the song, which CL sings.. It’s either Bridge 1 or Bridge 2! ^^ Personally, I like both, and I honestly don’t know which one I like better. T_T How about you guys? What would it be? Bridge 1 or Bridge 2? ^^

2NE1 – “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Round 4-1)

2NE1 – “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Round 4-2)


Source: Intel Korea Facebook,  YouTube

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: 2NE1 is Cool and Sleek in White for Intel Korea

Love love love this photo of 2NE1! I wish we had a clearer shot! I love Dara’s pose! She looks so cool! ^_^

Photos/Videos: Make Thumb Noise Project with 2NE1 and Intel Korea: Round 3 – Arrangement Style!

Make Thumb Noise Project With 2NE1 And Intel Korea: Round 3!

Weeee! Round 3 is here! Now, it’s time to vote for the Arrangement Style! ^^ For this round, there’s only two options: Electro House type and R&B type! Check out the videos and the arrangements below!

2NE1 – “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Round 3-1) Electro House Type

2NE1 – “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Round 3-2) R&B Type


Personally, I like the R&B type better, I feel that it would suit the song, kekeke! But, we can’t deny that 2NE1’s style leans more towards electro too. As of the making of this post, arrangement 1 is winning. So… Vote for number 2! Haha! I kid! ^^ 
Tell us what you think! Should it be arrangement 1 Electro House type, or arrangement 2 R&B type? Let’s all vote! 

Also check out the Round 3 making film with the maknae line after the cut! It is made of so many levels of cuteness and fierceness! Check Minzy and CL out as they arrive in YGE building with swag, then chill, head to the practice room, BUST some serious moves, and then unwind! ^^

You can also check out the lyrics after the cut!


Video: 2NE1 for Round 2 of “Make Thumb Noise” Project (Making Film)

I am really digging this song for Intel’s project! I can’t wait to fully hear the song. ^_^ Oh have you voted for your choice of storyline? If not, vote now! ^^

Source: 2NE1@YouTube

Screencaps: The Three Storylines for Intel’s Make Thumb Noise Project, Round 2!

The storylines seem to be cute and romantic! ^^ Personally, I (and Primary Admin unnie) like Be Mine! Keke! It’s romantic, but at the same time aggressive and promotes girl power too, like 2NE1! Keke! ^^ How about you guys? Which title and story do you like? ^^

Check out Summer Love and Too Young To Be In Love after the cut! ^^


Videos/Caps: 2NE1 for Round 2 of Intel Korea’s “Make Thumb Noise” Project

And Round 2 is here! This time around, Blackjacks will be able to vote for the “TITLE” and the “STORY” of the chosen track, Track #2 of Intel Korea’s first round of voting. So far, Title #1 “Be Mine” is winning followed by “Summer Love” and then “Too Young To Fall In Love”.  Each video comes with a title and a story and Blackjacks will be able to vote for their favorite!

Which story do you guys prefer and why?

You can vote for your favorite here ====>

Round 2-A “Be Mine”

Round 2-B “Summer Love”

Round 2-C “Too Young To Fall In Love”


Here’s an extended version of Track #2 being hummed by Minzy!

Credit: Intel Korea Facebook Page + 2NE1@YouTube + @kristinekwak

Photo: Intel Korea Facebook Page Updates their Cover Photo

This is so cute! ^_^ I’m loving their cover photos! 

Credit: Intel Korea Facebook Page