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Instagram+Snapchat: Fashion Guru Jeremy Scott Updates About Dara’s Whereabouts ~ in California with CL!

So apparently, Dara ninja-ed herself last weekend and is in the States with CL and spent time with Jeremy Scott! Jeremy was the first to update us on Dara’s whereabouts when he uploaded short vids of her on Instagram and Snapchat with CL and Harin.. ^^





Source:itsjeremyscott IG and Snapchat

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Video: Steadicam/Segway Behind the Scenes on 2NE1’s “Happy” Music Video

Kekeke, cute Driver Dara! ❤ She was driving slow so that the segway could film her. I wonder how long that particular scene took? XD And then there’s 2NE1! Haha! So cute! ❤

Steadicam/Segway behind the scenes on a Music video (2NE1) “Happy”

Credits: pedro guimaraes·

Twitter/Photo: Colorful 2NE1 with Jeremy Scott from Their Shoot in LA

Cute and colorful 2NE1 with Remy oppa~! ^_^ I wonder if what this shoot’s for. For a CF? Comeback? Sure hope it’s for a Korean Comeback or better yet, a US debut! Kyaaa~ Whatever it is, I’m excited! ^_^


Twitter/Photo: Fanaccount – 2NE1 Going To Dara’s Birthday Party Venue

Weee~! Going to the party! So happy that Dara and the girls are relaxed and having time for fun! A get-away from their hectic schedule! ^^

Dara looked like a goddess tonight omg :)) they are having birthday party w staffs and jeremy

Omg so happy to see them this afternoon before they were leaving to the party..Dara was talking w the stylist and laughed alot

Dara w her blue coat on and was talkjng and joking w the stylist and the way she talked exactly in 2ne1tv that we have seen all the time

When i handed dara a gift, i didnt know why i said “kamsamnita” to her haha but she smiled so bright today cuz its her birthday

Last time,i didnt hear dara’s voice at all .Only yes or thank you.Now i heard her talking w stylist,dying her voice is cuter thAn in a video

I asked her “can i take a pic w you?” She didnt say no but she shook her head w a very sad face. I understand that she isnt allowed to do so

So i nodded and she smiled to me. Thats smile is so so precious! I cant get over it now omg!

Anyway, today i was waiting like a whole day, but its worth cuz i had chance to see them and dara and touched dara’s hand keke


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Photo: 2NE1 Rocking Black Ensembles Seen Shooting In Downtown LA

Whoa! Now THIS is more like it! ^^ Though we’ve seen the girls in all black, leather outfits before, I love how they can rock it every single time.. ^^ Bom, Minzy, and CL look like biker chicks, while Dara looks like a pretty, skater boy. Kekeke! ^_^And oohhh, Minzy’s hair! ❤

Just ran into #2ne1 #DowntownLA lol


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Me2Day: Dara Updates with a Group Photo from LA

Wow!!! I seems it’s been such a long time since we last saw them! I’m pretty sure all Blackjacks miss them A LOT!

And as thoughtful as ever, Dara treats us with a picture of our fearsome foursome ~ !

Thank you Dara!



Source: Dara’s Me2Day