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Instagram+Snapchat: Fashion Guru Jeremy Scott Updates About Dara’s Whereabouts ~ in California with CL!

So apparently, Dara ninja-ed herself last weekend and is in the States with CL and spent time with Jeremy Scott! Jeremy was the first to update us on Dara’s whereabouts when he uploaded short vids of her on Instagram and Snapchat with CL and Harin.. ^^





Source:itsjeremyscott IG and Snapchat

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Press Photos: 121109 Gorgeous Dara at Incheon Airport Headed to California

OH MY GAWD! DARA LOOKS SUPER GORGEOUS!!! T____T She barely has make-up on, and even with that natural black hair, still looked like a Goddess! And her smile killed me! I swear, I died a couple of times with her smile! Kyaaaa~ Baby girl, you are killing me!!!

The chic 2NE1 girls are headed to California for the SBS Kpop Festival! And they are looking more fab than ever! I missed them so much! <333

Her smile…. HER SMILE!!!! T___T