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Photo: Pretty Dara, Minzy and CL at CL’s Birthday Party

Minzy and Dara at CL’s party! ^^ Dara, are you really turning 30 this year? T_T You look so young, I can’t. T_T


Dara and Chaerin with a YG staff! ^^


Source: @wowokhy + Kim Min Seon’s Facebook

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Twitter/Photo: Fanaccount – 2NE1 Going To Dara’s Birthday Party Venue

Weee~! Going to the party! So happy that Dara and the girls are relaxed and having time for fun! A get-away from their hectic schedule! ^^

Dara looked like a goddess tonight omg :)) they are having birthday party w staffs and jeremy

Omg so happy to see them this afternoon before they were leaving to the party..Dara was talking w the stylist and laughed alot

Dara w her blue coat on and was talkjng and joking w the stylist and the way she talked exactly in 2ne1tv that we have seen all the time

When i handed dara a gift, i didnt know why i said “kamsamnita” to her haha but she smiled so bright today cuz its her birthday

Last time,i didnt hear dara’s voice at all .Only yes or thank you.Now i heard her talking w stylist,dying her voice is cuter thAn in a video

I asked her “can i take a pic w you?” She didnt say no but she shook her head w a very sad face. I understand that she isnt allowed to do so

So i nodded and she smiled to me. Thats smile is so so precious! I cant get over it now omg!

Anyway, today i was waiting like a whole day, but its worth cuz i had chance to see them and dara and touched dara’s hand keke


Source: @Dara_syr

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