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Fan Account: Fans Spotted Sandara Park with P.O. Filming Insolent Housemates on a CassBluePlayground Concert








[syeong_eee IG] Sandara Park is so pretty. P.O is so handsome.


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Video: Watch Sandara Park Having a Foam Party While Dancing to 2NE1’s Fire with the Cast of Broadcasting All Around the World


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Photo: Fans Spotted Adorable Sandara Park Recording for “Broadcasting All Around the World”


my heart…💘

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Start of variety show it’s incredible to see them recording with the celebrities

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Photo: 161126 Dara Hands A Letter to Blackjacks – “I’m sorry and thank you…”

During Pinoy Band Superstar, Dara handed a letter to Jenny of Parkers saying “Please give this to Blackjacks.” Regardless of whatever she may be feeling, Dara still decided to send out a message to the millions of Blackjacks hurt by 2NE1’s disbandment.

Dara, there is no need to be sorry. You of all people have nothing to be sorry about. We know your heart and it always has good intentions towards Blackjacks. We look forward to the future!

We love you!



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Photos/Fan Accounts: 141110 Dara was Spotted Dining at the Spiral Buffet Restaurant by Sofitel, Philippines

Looks like Dara’s having a great time in the Philippines! I’m so happy to see her enjoying her well deserved break/vacation after all the busy and jam packed schedules they had earlier this year.

Yesterday, it looks like Dara ate at the Spiral Buffet Restaurant by Sofitel. A lucky guy was able to talk to Dara since he works there and he was their server. Below are pictures of the birthday cake they gave to Dara! ❤

FireShot Capture - Photo by eydi_lim - http___instagram.com_p_vOaDjDQ1s8_

FireShot Capture - Photo by anakareninaaa - http___instagram.com_p_vOdM9um1Wh_


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Fan Account/Photo: 141010 Supportive Dara watched Winner’s concert in Zepp Tokyo

Supportive Dara Noona watched Winner’s concert in Tokyo….Heartwarming










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Photos/Fanaccount: Fantaken Photos of Fresh-Looking Dara at Incheon Airport Heading to Indonesia

Fresh-looking Dara! I’m really loving her bangs! She’s looking younger than ever with it~! Ahhhh~ so pretty! <333

At the airpor, a fan said she wasn’t able to take a picture of Dara so Dara turned around again so she can take a picture. And when dara turned around, she looked directly into her camera. Such a sweet sweet girl! T_T




Here’s a Dara polaroid for @asSOONas_AA~ So lucky!



Photos+Fan Accounts: 140514 Fantaken Photos of Pretty and Sexy Dara at the Pre-recording of ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’

Weeee! Dara is here in the Phil!!! Welcome back again unnie! ❤ So to start off her schedule in the Phil., Dara had a very busy night! She went to 2 shows but  within the same vicinity. She went first to Studio 10 for the pre-recording of ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ and right after that she went straight to the studio of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino to appear live on the show ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight.’

We would like to thank everyone who updated us and shared fan accounts and photos while inside the recording stuido! ^_^


Pretty and sexy Dara! ❤ According to fan accounts, Dara said she’s more used to being called “Sandy”. and that her waistline is size 24! I envy you unnie!!! Haha! ^_^

Vice Ganda asked Dara why she has such flawless complexion. She said, “I don’t know. When I wake up in the morning, this is how I look!”

Dara said that CL is usually her companion she goes out for shopping while it’s Bom when she goes out to eat , kekeke! ^^

Click the cut for more!


Photos/Fan Accounts: 140306 Blackjacks Share Fun Snippets About 2NE1’s Inkigayo Pre-Recording for CRUSH ~ Generous DARA!

OMGGGG! YOU GUYS! Blackjacks who came in today are so lucky! Well, they are very dedicated, so good things come to them. XD Dara bought food for them! She bought gan jjamppong (Korean stir-fried noodles) for all the Blackjacks who went to the pre-recording! ❤ How generous our goddess is! A real beauty inside and out! ❤



From: @2yeNE1

Waaahhh they were so cute!!! Ssang Park daeeebakkkk

Dara said after the CBH recording that they should say something to the fans so she pushed Bom to say something

But Bom didn’t know what to say so Dara ended up saying a phrase that doesn’t really have a meaning. She said to eat lunch well.

So during Crush rec CL asked if Dara will buy lunch for us. BJs teased Dara to treat lunch for us. I even shouted “Dara libre mo kme.”

She was shocked that someone spoke tagalog kkkk

And now that Crush rec is done. Staff came out and told us that Dara is really buying food for us!!! Waaahhhhh

And when they stepped off the stage I shouted “Bye Sandy!” She looked back and waved 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Dara’s giving all of us kanjjangbom later around 5:30pm ^^

Ohh they said kanjjangbom is instant noodles kkk ^_^ like what ssang park cooked in winner tv

Oh they were wearing red and gold marching-band-like outfits ^_^

In 1 recording Minzy had to go backstage to fix something in her outfit, pants i think, so the other 3 girls waited on stage.

CL was playing with her mic. Twirling it (like juggling). And BJs cheered then Dara gave CL her mic so she can “juggle” 2 mics.

BJs cheered some more then Bom gave CL her mic so now she tried to do it with 3 but she wasn’t able to catch all the microphones kkk so cute

From: @21CDMB 

CRUSH prerecording ended! they recorded 5 times

fans were asking bom to flash her tummy so she pretended to flash kkk and cl touched her tummy


CL was juggling her own mic at first while waiting for minzy (she went to change) and then we started screaming

so dara passed CL her mic too so she juggled 2..then bom passed hers too to juggle 3 but she failed kkk

there was this chaera moment idk how to explain but it was so cute


theres another recording later for come back home..



CL was flipping her mic so fans asked her to juggle more mics. So she juggled dara and her mic then she juggled bom, dara and her mic but

She dropped a mic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Minzy wasn’t onstage cus she was adjusting her outfit!


Alot of funny interactions just now LOL

Bom was supposed to raise her mic and say the “they love me cus I’m hot” part but she kept forgetting LOL

CL was on stage standing by and called Yanggaeng to signal him to not block the monitor lmfao


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