OMGGGG! YOU GUYS! Blackjacks who came in today are so lucky! Well, they are very dedicated, so good things come to them. XD Dara bought food for them! She bought gan jjamppong (Korean stir-fried noodles) for all the Blackjacks who went to the pre-recording! ❤ How generous our goddess is! A real beauty inside and out! ❤



From: @2yeNE1

Waaahhh they were so cute!!! Ssang Park daeeebakkkk

Dara said after the CBH recording that they should say something to the fans so she pushed Bom to say something

But Bom didn’t know what to say so Dara ended up saying a phrase that doesn’t really have a meaning. She said to eat lunch well.

So during Crush rec CL asked if Dara will buy lunch for us. BJs teased Dara to treat lunch for us. I even shouted “Dara libre mo kme.”

She was shocked that someone spoke tagalog kkkk

And now that Crush rec is done. Staff came out and told us that Dara is really buying food for us!!! Waaahhhhh

And when they stepped off the stage I shouted “Bye Sandy!” She looked back and waved 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Dara’s giving all of us kanjjangbom later around 5:30pm ^^

Ohh they said kanjjangbom is instant noodles kkk ^_^ like what ssang park cooked in winner tv

Oh they were wearing red and gold marching-band-like outfits ^_^

In 1 recording Minzy had to go backstage to fix something in her outfit, pants i think, so the other 3 girls waited on stage.

CL was playing with her mic. Twirling it (like juggling). And BJs cheered then Dara gave CL her mic so she can “juggle” 2 mics.

BJs cheered some more then Bom gave CL her mic so now she tried to do it with 3 but she wasn’t able to catch all the microphones kkk so cute

From: @21CDMB 

CRUSH prerecording ended! they recorded 5 times

fans were asking bom to flash her tummy so she pretended to flash kkk and cl touched her tummy


CL was juggling her own mic at first while waiting for minzy (she went to change) and then we started screaming

so dara passed CL her mic too so she juggled 2..then bom passed hers too to juggle 3 but she failed kkk

there was this chaera moment idk how to explain but it was so cute


theres another recording later for come back home..



CL was flipping her mic so fans asked her to juggle more mics. So she juggled dara and her mic then she juggled bom, dara and her mic but

She dropped a mic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Minzy wasn’t onstage cus she was adjusting her outfit!


Alot of funny interactions just now LOL

Bom was supposed to raise her mic and say the “they love me cus I’m hot” part but she kept forgetting LOL

CL was on stage standing by and called Yanggaeng to signal him to not block the monitor lmfao


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