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Photos/Interview: 2NE1 Talks About Winter/Fall Fashion and CRUSH Album with WWD Japan ~ The Girls Love “Saint Laurent, Chrome Hearts, Versace, Gaultier, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs”

Awwww, our girls are so cute! CL said that the clothes they’re wearing are their main costumes from CRUSH MV. ^_^ Dara said that their concept is that of a tomboy image, kekekeke! ^_^ 


The girls were asked what they think would be the trend item for winter/fall 2014-15.. Bom said she likes to dress stylishly, but comfortably, so she likes “melange knit” dresses (comfy, stretchable, light, and fuzzy knit); Dara said her style is more of a boyish taste, so for shoes, she likes sneakers and Caterpillar shoes, and chester coat (it’s similar to pea coats, or double breasted coats, for us people who don’t know what they’re officially called in the fashion worldᄏᄏᄏᄏ) and sports jacket (or letterman jackets, again to the fashion-handicapped like me), Minzy said she likes clothes that can be worn comfortably, so she likes “men’s line coats” and comfortable “mohair knit” coats (the fuzzy-like material coats), and CL also likes “men’s line coats” that gives off a good fit and stylish silhouette, and also “fur coats.” Seriously, I had to search for most of the items, since I’m like “eh?! what?!” with most of them ᄏᄏᄏ

Asked what brands they wear often recently, Dara shared that she likes jeans and rider jackets from “Saint Laurent,” Bom said accessories, dresses, and shoes from “Versace,” Minzy said, “Chrome Hearts” and “Marc Jacobs” accessories and watch, and CL mentioned that she likes vintage brands like “Chanel” and “Jean Paul Gaultier.”


Photos: 140514 Gorgeous 2NE1 for a Series of One-On-One Interviews at the Solaire Grand Ballroom




Credit: @solaireresort

Interview: Popular and Fashionable 2NE1’s Interview for Yoho Magazine, May 2014 Issue

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[Is this the first time you girls visit China? What is your impression to China?]

Ans: No, last time we visited China were we stayed at countryside so we did not have any special feel. But this time we are holding AON concert in China so we have chance to stay in the city. We are welcomed by fans after plane’s landing. We feel good and fans are passionate. Cant wait for tomorrow’s concert.

[What is ADIDAS ORIGINAL WOMAN for you girls?]

Ans: Classic. Women who wear it should be someone who cheerful (extrovert ), sunshine, just like what Sandara always wear.

[ You girls must be faced with obstacles on your path to achieving success, what gives you strength (inspire) to assist you in your dream?]

Ans: Four of us have different character, but MUSIC is our common ground. So music is the reason we stand on.

[How do you relax yourself ?]

CL: have dessert when get tired
Dara: I go shopping if I have the time
Minzy: listen to music, surf internet
Bom: My favorite activity is sleeping, sometimes will watch K-drama

[ Any plan after the AON world tour? Anything you wish to do in the second half of the year?]

Ans: We spent 4 years to prepare this album [CRUSH], so it is so special to us. We will continue to prepare next album after the AON world tour.


Translated by: @daralove222

Video/Interview: [Cool Meeting] “Come Back Home” 2NE1, “My ideal type is ‘Do Manager’…”

A short video of their interview.. ^^ The part where they ask about ideal types is included in there.. 

“For me, I like cute, younger guys, so “Do Manager” Kim Soo Hyun suits right,” – Dara

Minzy chose Usher, Bom chose Lee Min Ho, and CL chose Johnny Depp. ^^

[Cool Meeting] “Come Back Home” 2NE1, “My ideal type is ‘Do Manager’…”

Credits: sportsseoultv

Photos: 140318 Press Photos of 2NE1’s Interview with Kwak Seungjun’s “Cool Meeting”

The girls all look so cute and pretty and colorful! Kekeke, this interview looked fun, the girls looked relaxed and at comfortable. ^^ If YGE doesn’t post translations today, I might have a go at doing the article. ^^









Source: Sports Seoul

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Interview: 2NE1 “Feels Happy” and they “Broke Away from their Routine”

2NE1 “Feels Happy” and they “Broke Away from their Routine”


[텐아시아 = 박수정 기자] 2NE1 is different. There are many words to describe other girl groups, such as sexy, cute and pure. But 2NE1 made their own kind of adverb, such as “~is like 2NE1.” Some people say that their music is kind of rough, but actually, their music has a wide spectrum, ranging from “CRUSH,” “COME BACK HOME” in the second album, which show their “rough” trait, to “IF I WERE YOU,” “GOOD TO YOU,” “MISSING YOU,” to “HAPPY” and “BABY, I MISS YOU.” The latter two describes sad feelings after breakup, and strong melodies, respectively.

In the new album, there are five songs which were either written or composed by the leader CL, and they show 2NE1’s upgraded skill in music. They are also breaking their own records. In the U.S. “Billboard 200” Album Chart, one of their songs ranked 61, the highest ranking ever received by a Korean group. Their title song “COME BACK HOME” topped all music sites. On Mar. 16 in SBS “Inkigayo,” their song “COME BACK HOME” was placed first for the first time in major Korean public TVs. Let’s hear what 2NE1 has to say.

Q. How do you feel about releasing your second album?

CL : It has taken us more than 4 years to release this album. It’s the first time that our album is filled with only new songs, so it kind of feels like it’s our first album. I feel very satisfied that we are meeting fans with good songs.

DARA : I felt like a rich person with many songs in our hands in the album, which is not a single album. Fans also love it that we have many songs to show. I feel very positive these days, which makes me think that I should be able to show better performances.

Q. Your solo songs you composed were included in the album, such as “CRUSH,” “IF I WERE YOU,” and “BABY I MISS YOU.” You seem to have gained more confidence.

CL : Many people love my songs, and I received positive response, so it gave me strength to compose new songs. I want to continue composing for fun from now on. Well, actually, composing songs is not something I have to do as a living, for example, so I can work with pleasure. I feel happy writing songs for my members, and for our performances.

Q. Did you get a lot of help from TEDDY, the producer?

CL : Yes. TEDDY, along with CHOICE 37 and DEE.P and all composers in YG helped me. They did a lot of monitoring, gave me opinions and cheered for me. It was fun for me.

Q. What was your main reason for composing songs?

CL : Last year, we only released single albums. Then one day, I wanted to say something. At that time, I didn’t know I would write songs for our album or for our group. I started writing songs as I would write a diary, and wrote lyrics to the beats that we already know. I began as a hobby, and my lyrics were in English at first. YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk listened to my songs and recommended I write in Korean. “IF I WERE YOU” was the first Korean song I wrote.

Q. Big Bang members write their own songs, especially G-DRAGON. Was that a stimulus to you?

CL : No, it was not.

Q. 2NE1 ranked 61 in the U.S. “Billboard 200.” It is a new record from a Korean group. How do you feel?

CL : Well, actually, I never felt I had to look at the Billboard Chart or its rankings. It was like a surprise gift to me. It was an album we prepared for a long time, and it was an unexpected present for us.

Q. The ranking 61 means that 2NE1 has an appeal in the U.S. What do you think that is?

CL : I think people regard us to be unique because we are different., thinking that “2NE1 has something that other girl group doesn’t have.” I heard our fans are more attracted to us when we sing in Korean rather than in English. It was really surprising that though our overseas fans don’t understand Korean language, they understand the feelings.

DARA : Music seems to be the appealing trait. Although languages differ, it can unite people as they enjoy the same music.

CL : I often heard people say that we look like cartoon characters, what with our clothes and unique style (laughter). says that, too. I think our small heights also are advantages to us.

Q. The song “DIRTY VIBE” of the worldwide DJ Skrillex was featured by both you (CL) and G-DRAGON. You wrote some of the lyrics in Korean.

CL : I tend to tell my music partners that I would write in Korean. I love Korean.

Click the link below to read the full interview!


Video: 1theK’s Fun and Cute Interview with 2NE1 ~ Favorite Songs, Costume Concepts, Superpowers, and… Chicken-Inspired Hair?!

Super duper cute! I kinda love how they did this interview, it’s very unique and the girls seemed relaxed and were having fun answering the questions and teasing each other! ❤ Find out what their favorite song in the album is, what their favorite food in YG cafeteria is, what superpower they want, etc. etc!


Credits: 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)

Interview: Noisey – An Interview with K-Pop Favorites, 2NE1, and their New Videos for “Happy” and “Come Back Home”



There’s no doubt that Korean pop phenoms 2NE1 are entering the most fascinating phase of their career. Rapper CL, dancer Minzy, and vocalists Bom and Dara first stormed the scene in 2009 with the barnburner “Fire,” then cemented their international renown with instant classics like “I Am the Best” and “Lonely.” They earned the respect of everyone from Diplo to Jeremy Scott, enjoyed accolades like MTV’s “Best New Band in the World” award in 2011, and built a fanbase empire with foreign legions as far-flung as France and Brazil.

But in the olympiad since their debut album To Anyone, 2NE1 have seemed reticent to release a proper follow-up against mounting pressures worldwide. That’s all changing this week, however, with their new Crush album finally out now, and the premiere of their their $470,000, CGI-ballistic double video for the genre-bending “Come Back Home” (and its acoustic cousin) as well as the video for “Happy.” They’re also kicking off their “All Or Nothing” world tour in Seoul in a matter of hours on March 1st, their first proper shows in well over a year. We caught up with Asia’s fiercest four to mark the occasion, discuss the new album, and find out more about why this is the most pivotal moment 2NE1 will ever face.

Noisey: Let’s talk first about your lead single and video, “Come Back Home.”
CL: “Come Back Home” is the name of one of the biggest Korean songs from the ‘90s, by Seo Taiji & Boys, which YG [Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment’s CEO] was a member of. We thought it would be cool to shout out [the original] “Come Back Home” in dedication to YG.
For the video, the entire process was very different. We shot two versions at the same time and it’s more like a movie than anything else you have seen from us.

Crush is your first full-length record in four years. How have you grown musically during the time inbetween, and why did you wait this long to put out another album?
After our last mini-album [2011’s 2NE1 EP] we went on our first world tour, which kept us away from recording. For this album, we pretty much locked ourselves up in the studio and gave it 100%. We’ve also grown a lot as women since our first album, and you’ll be able to hear that on this record.
Also, since I wrote a lot of the music, it’s even more personal to us than our previous records.

What are some of your favorites?
Bom: “Gotta Be You,” because I really like the hook and the sad lyrics. [And yet] it makes you want to rock out.
Minzy: “Come Back Home” is my favorite to listen to.
Dara: “Chakhan Yeoja (Good To You).” I love the lyrics and I feel this song represents me well. I also love CL’s rap at the end.

CL, you wrote the music for three songs and lyrics for five. YG has said he was so surprised to hear you write for the first time that you’ll be following Crush with a solo album, right?
I woke up one day and suddenly felt like I had so much to say…I ended up making ten songs in about two weeks. In 2NE1, you mostly see just one side of CL. I have other sides of myself that I can show to the world, and this solo album will show that…it will be a lot more personal.

“All Or Nothing” is your second world tour of this scale. What can your fans expect this time out? How will it be different from previous 2NE1 concerts?
Our last tour seemed more catered to the image we felt that the public had of 2NE1 – it was fun and high-energy. For this tour, we wanted to bring about other elements that are more pure to what 2NE1 is…it’s more graceful. We really wanted to challenge ourselves and show the other sides of a woman.

In the video announcement of your album and world tour, you seem at a crossroads — a bit self-doubting even, talking about a “do or die attitude.” What feels especially immense about this moment in your career?
“All or Nothing” refers to our world tour and [the fact that] it’s been four years since our last album…four years is an especially long time in Korea. So each one of us personally has that “do or die” attitude. We are giving everything we have into this album and tour…We have never released an album full of all new and previously unheard material.

Credits: Noisey

Instagram: Lucky @angelpilgrim Shares a Backstage Picture with Dara After One-On-One Interview ~ “Sweet and Candid”

Wow! @angelpilgrim got to have a one-one-one interview with Dara (what for, we don’t know yet, but she promised to share when she can already!) fifteen minutes after the soundcheck for their concert! She said that Dara is very sweet and candid! She even got Dara’s signature after and when she showed Dara a beanie that she got from her yard sale last year, Dara exclaimed, “Wow, that’s mine!” Aww, so cute and sweet! Lucky Angel! ❤





Source: angelpilgrim

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News: Sandara Park, “I Think About my Role as a 2NE1 Member”

Sandara Park, “I Think About my Role as a 2NE1 Member”


Sandara Park revealed her worries as a 2NE1 member, with an honest heart.

On February 27th, 2NE1 revealed their rehearsal site for their second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING,” through a live video. On that day, Sandara Park said, “I worry about my role in 2NE1,” she confessed.

On a separate interview prior to that day, Sandara Park had revealed, “The 2NE1 members are friends who excel in different fields. I always worry about what I can contribute, what I can do. For this concert, that same worry remains,” she said.

Sandara Park said, “I felt that in 2NE1’s first concert. So with that thought in mind, I worked hard to improve my vocals, rap, and dancing even more,” she said with a determined mind.


Source: Newsen Via Nate 
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara