Super duper cute! I kinda love how they did this interview, it’s very unique and the girls seemed relaxed and were having fun answering the questions and teasing each other! ❤ Find out what their favorite song in the album is, what their favorite food in YG cafeteria is, what superpower they want, etc. etc!


Credits: 1theK (former LOEN MUSIC)

Comments on: "Video: 1theK’s Fun and Cute Interview with 2NE1 ~ Favorite Songs, Costume Concepts, Superpowers, and… Chicken-Inspired Hair?!" (6)

  1. Moowie88 said:

    They were totally adorable in this interview. I wish they could speak in English with this quirkiness (^^)

  2. 2ne1 come back home said:

    i super love this interview.. they were very funny.. I enjoyed it a lot

  3. I find that 1-1/2 blue hair along with the beanie looked really good on her.^^

  4. eng sub please Dara so pretty

  5. Dara was so cute when she said PASS.. Hihihi ^_^

  6. They really like to tease Dara-unnie! hahaha

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