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Photos: HD/HQ Scans of Beautiful, Alluring Dara and Fierce, Confident 2NE1 for “CRUSH” Japanese Version Album Photobook

Omo, omo, omoooooo! Our girls be looking ever so perfect! ❤ Daraaaaaa wae you so pretty, baby girl? T_T 







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Instagram: Cutie Pie Dara Shares a Picture of Herself at Tower Records, Shibuya ~ “They’re Playing 2NE1 Songs! Thank you!”

Dara is such an adorable cutie-pie, arrggghhh, seriously! T_T She covered her abs in the pic, kekeke! And yah, Dara, if you’re fat, what does that make me?! A whale? T_T


At the Tower Records in Shibuya and they’re playing 2NE1 songs. There’s also a huge poster! I was so happy that I took a picture! But my stomach is hidden! I think nowadays, I got fat. There’s a lot of food, so I lost my abs. Japan! Has a lot of delicious food! Thank you, Tower Records!


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News: 2NE1’s Album ‘Crush’ Ranks Number 2 on Oricon’s Daily Album Chart

2NE1’s Album ‘Crush’ Ranks NO. 2 on Oricon, Followed by SHINee and Jang Keun Suk

2NE1’s second Japanese full-length album Crush marked a strong start by ranking number two on the Oricon chart.

According to Oricon on June 25, 2NE1’s new album Crush sold 12,119 copies on the day of the release, ranking number two on Oricon’s daily album chart.


The Japanese album has been compiled differently than the Korean version. The album contains a total of ten tracks, including Crush, Come Back Home, Gotta Be You, Do You Love Me, Happy, Falling In Love, I Love You, If I Were You, Missing You and Come Back Home (unplugged ver.), as well as the Japanese version of music video.

Having released the new album in two years, 2NE1 will be launching world tour All Or Nothing in Japan on July 5 and 6 in Yokohama Arena and July 12 in Kobe World Memorial Hall.

Apart from 2NE1, SHINee’s Lucky Star and Jang Keun Suk’s project group Team H’s first single Take Me also ranked number three and four on the Oricon’s daily album chart, respectively.

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Photo: HD/HQ Promotional Media Pic + Official Profile Pics of Fierce 2NE1 for CRUSH Japanese Version Album

Helllooooo there my precious, fierce ladies~ ❤







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Photos: Beautiful, Fashionable Sandara Park Stuns in “CRUSH” Japanese Version Photobook!

Dara looks awesome in the pictures! The hair has grown on me now that I’ve seen it in action during the MV.. XD I love her “schoolgirl” fashion in the photobook! Her first ensemble with the striped pink top, cheetah-print skirt, matched with black jacket and pumps with white mid calf socks, is cute yet fashionably fierce as well.. ^^ You guys know my love for her “rebel schoolgirl” look that she sported in the MV, right? ^^ And of course, she looks stunning and regal in her shoot dressed in her red “CRUSH” outfit. ^_^








Photos: Scans of Fiercely Fabulous 2NE1 for “CRUSH” Album, Japanese Version

And CRUSH album is now available to be sold to the public! ❤ It was made available for pre-order a few days ago, and now people can buy it in various music stores all over Japan! ❤







Photo+News: Fans Get a Surprise Meeting with 2NE1

Fans Get a Surprise Meeting with 2NE1


2NE1 had a surprise meeting with fans at YG Entertainment’s building.

On June 20, 2NE1 enjoyed spending time with lucky fans who were selected through a special event at the YG Entertainment building in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul.

In celebration of their second full-length album ‘CRUSH’, 2NE1 held an event to invite fans to the famous YG cafeteria.

Fans who were selected were able to visit several places of the building and had a special time having a meal in the cafeteria. During their building tour, 2NE1 made a surprise appearance and took photos with them.

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Twitter/Instagram: PR Manager Dara Shows Off Her “Crush” Japanese Version Album – “As Expected, I’m A Talented Blackjack!”

As expected of the number 1 2NE1 fan! Kekeke! I bet Dara is as excited as us with their Japanese album! I want this version too! T_T


DARA: “I purchased 2NE1′s album first to be released in Japan soon!!! As expected I’m a talented Blackjack”



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Photos: Tower Records Branches from all Over Japan Share Proof Shots ~ Getting Ready for “CRUSH” Japan Release Tomorrow!

Wow, so many TOWER branches shared their proof shots of them being ready for CRUSH release in Japan tomorrow! ❤ Woohoo, so excited! And I’m sure fans are excited as well.. ^_^









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Video: 140616 HQ/HD 2NE1’s Full Cut on Mezamashi TV ~ Interview, “CRUSH PV” BTS

Here’s the full cut! ❤ Short clip of the BTS with all the girls at the start. ^^

140616 2NE1’s Full Cut on Mezamashi TV – Interview, “CRUSH PV” BTS 

Credits: Sandara Park Fans