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Instagram: Fashionable Dara Went Around Shibuya and Met with her Brother-in-Law, Sings Dr. Pepper

Dara’s fashion! And seeing the members everywhere she goes.. ❤



뭐사지.. 다 사고싶다!!??????????????????

What should I buy… I want to buy it all!!🍬🍭🍫


Chaerin’s line, Dr. Pepper ~Dr. Pepper, Dt. Pepper; and long-time no see brother-in-law 🐸


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Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara

Instagram: “Free” Tourist Sandara Park Enjoys the Sights and Sounds of Japan with Friends

I’m glad that Dara is taking a few days off to be with friends, to relax, enjoy, have fun, and explore with them.. ^^ Dara and Hyoni are really becoming fast good friends! I’m so glad! ❤


with @hyoni_kang


🎂 @yukachocomoo




Dara who is free


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Cutie Pie Dara Shares a Picture of Herself at Tower Records, Shibuya ~ “They’re Playing 2NE1 Songs! Thank you!”

Dara is such an adorable cutie-pie, arrggghhh, seriously! T_T She covered her abs in the pic, kekeke! And yah, Dara, if you’re fat, what does that make me?! A whale? T_T


At the Tower Records in Shibuya and they’re playing 2NE1 songs. There’s also a huge poster! I was so happy that I took a picture! But my stomach is hidden! I think nowadays, I got fat. There’s a lot of food, so I lost my abs. Japan! Has a lot of delicious food! Thank you, Tower Records!


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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Video: 120827 MNET Wide News – Behind The Scenes with 2NE1 for Adidas All Originals #represent CF Shoot

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