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Photos: Vampire, Red-Lips Dara for Clio’s New Website Layout and LipNiCure Fingertip Easy to Pro

A close-up look of Dara’s red lips.. /dies

This is for LipNiCure Fingertip Easy to Pro. It’s like a lipstick brush. ^^


And check out Clio’s new website layout! /drools The red, black, and white layout looks super awesome and sexy!



Sources: Club Clio Korea Facebook +

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Alluring, Seductive, Feminine Dara for Clio F/W LipNiCure Campaign

For the love of everything Sandara Park, thank you so much Clio for this awesomeness! T_T How can she be so perfect? T_T I love all three of the concept photos! The first one is so seductive and alluring, the second all soft and feminine, and the third so dark and mysterious.. /shivers Dara has a way of making her eyes do all the talking for her. T_T OMG seriously, thank you Clio! ❤


And yes this is vampire Dara who never ages, looking awesome with her red lipstick…


Oh hello there.. ❤



Twitter/Photo: “Here are some of the things I got today~”

As you may know, Dara earlier went to  Myeongdong for a visit to CLIO shop. Here is what she got ^^

So many stuff *.*

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“Here are some of the few things I got today~ Most of what I got are eyeliners, lip products ^^; and also basic products, blush, cleanser, eye makeup remover etc. Things that I use a lot, and all the other ones that came out so pretty~ Keke”

Source: Krungy21

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil @WeLoveDara/OhDara

Video: MNET Wide News – “Sandara Park, “What is the secret of fresh-faced Goddess? Minimum make-up”

This is just a re-post of Dara’s earlier BTS Photoshoot video for CLIO by MNET Wide News. ^^ They released the “official” video so we decided to post it again. We are a bit sad though that it is still LQ. T_T

Source: enews24

Twitter: Dara Would Have A Sexy Concept for Clio Cosmetics Endorsement?

A fan asked Dara if the concept for her Clio Cosmetics endorsement would be a sexy one, and she said that it is. OMG! Yes to sexy concept please! ^_^


Source: @krungy21 + @spiffyhyosup + @YGLBEAbee

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