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Photos+Netizen Comments: 151015 Vampire Goddess Sandara Park Attends Munsoo Kwon Show for SFW S/S 2016

Dara is so pretty! ❤ Seriously, look at her face and tell me she is nothing short of perfection.. ❤ Her clothes are so classically Dara.. ^^ Of course, she’s wearing a coat from Munsoo Kwon, and her sweater is from Panya Shet.. ^^







Top netizen comments for our vampire Dara! ❤

[+1,220, -108] Wah, is noona really… really… not in her early 20s?
[+1,026, -60] This photo may be an old photo of hers or not because Sandara doesn’t seem to age ㅋㅋ
[+818, -50] Real babyface…크으으으♥
[+771, -54] Wah, how can that face be that of a 30-year-old…
[+712, -55] This noona doesn’t grow old ;;
[+309, -25] Sandara, what in the world do you eat that you seem to stop aging…..
[+251, -22] Babyface icon!!
[+248, -31] Has the class of an actress
[+198, -13] I can’t believe that you’re older than me

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Photos: Vampire, Red-Lips Dara for Clio’s New Website Layout and LipNiCure Fingertip Easy to Pro

A close-up look of Dara’s red lips.. /dies

This is for LipNiCure Fingertip Easy to Pro. It’s like a lipstick brush. ^^


And check out Clio’s new website layout! /drools The red, black, and white layout looks super awesome and sexy!



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