A fan asked Dara if the concept for her Clio Cosmetics endorsement would be a sexy one, and she said that it is. OMG! Yes to sexy concept please! ^_^


Source: @krungy21 + @spiffyhyosup + @YGLBEAbee

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara Would Have A Sexy Concept for Clio Cosmetics Endorsement?" (10)

  1. did lee hyori endorsed this brand?

  2. goddessDARA said:

    Any theme will suit her!! kyaahhhh so excited!!! ^_______^

  3. Dee needs this endorsement I think >____________</

  4. yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….dara being sexy

  5. Vampire Goddess Dee+sexy concept=yess please!!!Bye bye cute Santokki, Hello Sexy Lady Dee<3333

  6. oh my gosh! and there you have it guys, a new cosmetic brand for Dara to be endorse. so cool!

  7. ive seen some CLIO ads.. and they are more in to sophisticated, elegant look… cant wait to see DARA in it :)))

  8. huh? she’s the new model for clio!!yipee!!heheh..i’ll wait for it…after being sweet she’ll go for sexy and glamorous concept…hehe..

  9. excited! dara please comeback soon! i miss 2ne1

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