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 To satisfy both the public and die-hard fans, don’t you have to control the artists’ output? Isn’t that the way to get support from the mainstream and stay creative at the same time?

Yang: I think I am qualified enough to make comments to my artists about dancing because I trained as a dancer. After Seo Taiji and Boys disbanded, I studied harmony and midi for six months and that’s how I came to compose Jinusean’s “Gasoline”. I soon realized, though, that I’m not so gifted in writing music, so I decided to stop doing that. I’m knowledgeable enough about it to have discussions with my artists thanks to the experience. I can coach them about performing on the stage as I have a lot of experience from my days of Seo Taiji and Boys.

It is true that I dropped many other things, but I could never give up communicating with artists and creating music itself. On top of those, I’m very hands-on about the entire process of managing trainee artists. It’s not just what I love doing, but I know I can do it better than anyone else.

 I heard you still take part in sound work. You also played a role as a mixing engineer on every YG album, including PSY’s “Gangnam style”.

Yang: A few months ago I was in charge of Epik High’s latest album and modified it three times (Laugh). The most important job I do in the company is judging what sounds good. I keep going until I am 100% satisfied.

 It is your role to decide the color of the YG sound. Tell me about your criteria in judging what’s good and what’s not?

Yang: I have listened to music and made music since I was little, so I know what makes good music. I can’t describe it with words or come up with a formula but there are certainly some criteria. My kind of sound is what the public likes and those tracks that don’t match my taste also failed to be well-received by the public. That’s why I always try to keep up with current global trends.

 There is also a change in the pop music scene, where implicit standards that have never changed. You are currently producing a new girl group when the scene is full of idols. What criteria did you have in mind as you set about creating the group?

Yang: There is no right answer such as “I prefer idols or artists”. I like them both, actually. I like talented idols and I can also proudly introduce artists to the public. However, there is not much demand for idols these days and it’s only natural for generic idols to start disappearing from the scene. Some have said I should make a second Big Bang but I that would be suicidal. How could there be another Big Bang?

So there was only one reason to create this new girl group. It’s because people say YG never consider their trainee’s looks. (laugh) I thought, “Alright then, I’ll make a team with both looks and talent”. I know people would love a group of girls who are gorgeous like other girl groups and also good at rapping and singing. There of course is a certain wave that comes and goes in pop culture and if a wave is strong, it’s hard to make it turn around. We can make the good wave last longer by making good contents thereby gaining our credibility.

 Then the trainees should have something that makes them survive in any kind of situation. Like when you judge contestants on SBS “I Like Sundays – KPOP STAR,” do you have some criteria for picking out trainees?

Yang: I didn’t choose them only based on their looks. Amongst good-looking trainees, I picked ones with talent and skills. There is always one aspect I like in all of them. I also have expectations on what they will show me next time I see them. You know, there are some handsome guys but they don’t touch your heart whereas there are some guys who may not be so gorgeous to look at but you find yourself being drawn to them. I guess that’s what people call “charm” or “charisma”. You either have it or you don’t. What’s important is help these charismatic, charming guys improve their skills through effort. That’s where I come into it.

 Your role is to make YG artists reach their full potential but isn’t there a considerable business pressure after being a listed corporation? The market demands stable profits all the time.

Yang: Of course we need that aspect for the company as a whole. But the company believes in me and follows me regarding point. We have an absolute criterion, namely we release what we like and what our artists like in any given situation. Most YG artists have been successful because we only did what we did when we were sure about each step. That will never change.

 So that must mean you turn down projects which you feel you can’t do.

Yang: I never get involved in the writing part of the music. I create the environment for them to work in, find out about what bothers them and just have a word with them if I feel they are being lazy at work. So everyone at YG turn to me as I’m the only one who controls the artists. When things go wrong, they all call me. I get tired to death in those situations. (laugh)

 YG tends to release albums much later than your initial plans.

Yang: Many people misunderstand that aspect. I may set the overall schedule for albums but it’s the artists who write the music. I inform the artist of the plan and urge him or her to follow it. But it makes no sense to force artists to hurry. For example, when G-Dragon is racking his brain to write music what is the point of forcing him to finish by July 1 just because that is the company’s plan? That’s not how YG does it. We only release the album when the artist says “It’s done.”

Of course I feel anxious when an album is delayed. After we got listed on the stock exchange, we set up an annual plan so we do have a schedule but I don’t see how I can push them when the producer is in agony. That’s why 2NE1 is doing the world tour with only one new song. I’d like to give them enough time to prepare but sometimes things don’t go as you planned. G-Dragon’s new album was also put off for two months so he had only one and a half month’s activities because of the world tour schedule. And I do understand his fans’ disappointment since he only appeared on “Inkigayo.”

 It looks like artists have their own complaints whereas fans have their own concerns. And it’s your job to listen to both sides.

Yang: It’s very stressful. But I know it’s more stressful for the artists. I don’t grill them every day. They may feel the pressure just by my presence. (laugh) It’s my job to stay up all night with them. And if something big happens, I figure it out. I humor and comfort them.

 You’re going to release another record?

Yang: We are also recording 2NE1’s new song after begging the producer Teddy (laugh) and the new song will be dropped as a single record first. I really feel bad that they’re doing the world tour with only one new song but that’s beyond my control. It’s the artists, not me who write the music and my job is to create the right environment.

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Comments on: "Interview: Yang Hyun-suk, CEO of YG Entertainment – Part 2" (50)

  1. Why does it sound like he’s talking down on 2NE1? What the fucking fuck YG. Despite 2NE1 known to lacking in the retarded ‘Korean standards’ looks department, they’ve brought in so much accomplishment & success in the Kpop scene. 2NE1 created something beyond music, they basically challenge current & future girl groups to step up their game! So what the fucking fuck YG for implying such ridiculous statements pertaining 2NE1.

  2. Whats up! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good information you will have here on this
    post. I shall be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  3. dara_unniefav said:

    YG ur so mean “. !!!!!! I hate you “.

  4. blaxkjackvip said:

    Yg said it is suicidal to create another group like bigbang bcoz boy group has less potential to succeed compared to girl group. Which new male idol that is in par with sistar?

  5. 2NE1 is just not make their own song unlike BIGBANG. Why so offended?

    • because he keeps calling 2ne1 ugly and unattractive that’s why. and not all BigBang members writes songs mostly GD does. but i love BigBang 🙂

  6. I really don’t understand why it seems that he feels it’s easy to create another 2NE1 group but not another Big Bang group. Doesn’t he have confidence with 2NE1 after all the success that they have accomplished? I’m really sad with his statements. It seems that he’s implying that 2NE1 will be replaced soon, I hope this is not so, but Dara and Bom are already near 30 and I guess they will each need to pursue a solo career soon. But I still don’t like how YG treats 2NE1 as girls who are not pretty enough by Korea’s standards, it’s so sad that it’s coming from him, who they look up to as their father.

  7. There’s only one thing that makes me madder than hell (sorry)…. why the eff he’s always stating in almost all his interviews the outer appearance of 2ne1 being not that pretty? or ugly at some point? i always loose it whenever i read YG’s interview to the point of me stopping from reading coz all i see is BLOOD… if they’re not pretty then what the eff am I? Sorry -___- for ranting…! it makes me want to ship a couple of mirrors to YG ent with the message ” Dear YG have you seen yourself in the mirror Sajangnim?”

  8. Blackjack2dBone said:

    I’m sorry but what i understood in YG’s statement was, it’s not easy for him to create another BigBang coz it’s “suicidal” but he’s going to debut a lot of girl groups, including the “future 2ne1” he’s referring to, so it’s easy for him to create another 2ne1 group??!!!!??

    HELL NO!!! i really found it so offensive!! I”M OFFENDED!!!!! 2ne1 is so unique and different from other groups they worked so hard to become what they are now specially Dara!!! if ever he released the other girl groups and dare neglect my 2ne1 girls especially DARA, i swear i’m gonna hate him and the new artists that he’s going to debut!!! I SWEAR!
    LOVE YOU DARA!!!!!

  9. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………..dont compare 2ne1 in any other girlgroup…. 2ne1 is different their unique…….they have different charismatic looks…..they have their own style ….i just see cuteness on the other girlgroups……

  10. kimchininja said:

    I wish the girls would write their own music so they don’t have to rely on Teddy too much. After three, almost four years, he must be tired too, and at some point will wander off from 2NE1. Maybe he’s writing for the new girl group, in addition to writing for Big Bang, SE7EN and GD too, so he could be spread too thin. The guy needs a break. I was really hoping Minzy or CL had some artistic writing skills. Minzy seems to like writing poems and mixing beats, and CL has a knack for writing raps. So idk why they haven’t made their own songs yet… or maybe they have and it wasn’t up to YG’s standard. I do hope they could stand on their own feet, more so now with the new girl group nearing debut.

    I think the true test of any boy or girl group is their own hoobaes, and from the way the girls only had one song this year, I’m really nervous.

    Also, smh at the promised English album that never came. Wil.I.Am had a host of great collab songs for 2012 and I feel like he’s lost interest in 2NE1 now.

    There has been lots of hints for another 2NE1 concert tour this year, but I’m really hoping that they get another album out before they tour again. They can’t keep touring on old material, or add just one new song to the old songs.

  11. where’s the part 1?

  12. I hate.. No.. I loathe that girl group comment. It might have been made light heartedly, doesn’t mean it hurts any less. (What? I get sensitive and protective over 2ne1 okay? Give a fangirl a break) Get back to me when the new girl group has accomplished what 2ne1 had. Then we’ll talk.

    • tangerine_24 said:

      THIS!!! The way that he subtly compare 2ne1 to his new gg just distresses me. I’m no longer interested with them tbh…I’m sorry but none of the girls from the new group he revealed so far charmed me. Yes they’re pretty and really talented but being a star you need to have the x-factor and I don’t see it..yet…The 4 members of 2ne1 even during their pre-debut vids show charisma…Have them stand beside CL and Minzy and they’ll look ordinary how much more beside Bom and Dara?? This guy has issues I think…hahahaha

    • kimchininja said:

      Yeah, the more I reread it the more I feel like, unintentional or not, it’s throwing shade at 2NE1. Even more so when you combine that with his comments about Big Bang.

      “Some have said I should make a second Big Bang but I that would be suicidal. How could there be another Big Bang?”

      Well he doesn’t seem to have any difficulty in making a second 2NE1. I remember that video they released about their young trainees dancing and the video was title “Future 2NE1”. It created a mild panic, making Blackjacks wonder if they’re replacing 2NE1 that YG had to release a statement saying they’re not replacing anyone, ~they’re just aiming to be as good as their 2NE1 seniors.

  13. Well i dont care about the others i care about Dara, we all know that dara is the one and most pretty in korea, and dara has lots of commercials since in the philippines, so and now another beauty products wow so amazing!! If shes not beautiful what do you think??

  14. I think people are forgetting this interview was before 2NE1’s world tour. Which is why YG is talking about releasing a single then touring.

    People also tend to forget artists have their own standards when it comes to the music they released, at least in YGE. None of the YGE artists are going to put their name behind something they are not 100% happy with. i.e. when “Hate You” was not included in 2NE1’s first album “To Anyone” because Teddy felt it needed work. The song was later released in 2NE1’s second mini album.

  15. I love yg family .. I love how yg cares about his artist ,I love his passion and respect for his artist .. This is what you call a FRIEND or better yet FAMILY:-). Thank you yg .. And thank you also for saying that 2ne1 is coming back soon that makes me excited….

  16. don’t hate me please … I don’t think i like YG anymore especially when he said ” I’ll make a team with both looks and talent” is he saying that 2ne1 is not talented … ugghh … whyyyy ?..for me 2ne1 is the most talented girl-group in the world , it is the reason why i supported them in the first place ,, now this // .

    • but i support yg 100% .. i love them , and i will keep waiting for 2ne1

    • I think he is trying to say that 2NE1 is talented but do not have an idol look like SNSD, etc. I bet he is just saying this because of the viewers reaction.

    • That’s not what he said at all.
      When 2NE1 first came out many called them “ugly” because they weren’t your average “pretty faces” like SNSD, After School, Wonder Girls, etc.. It’s not only 2NE1, when Big Bang first debuted Daesung was often reffered to as “the ugly one.”

      People have never doubted the talent in YGE, they just said the company did not focused on looks when recruiting trainees. This is partially true, YGE has always chosen potential and talent over looks. This is not to say YGE artists are ugly, but their artists are not as “pretty” as other artists. At least in Korean standards. Then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      • so true!
        how can a father thinks that his children is ugly, no father can be like that.

        • kimchininja said:

          Well he does tell them, CL in particular, that they’re ugly. Just look at the interviews where the girls complain about being told they’re ugly by YG.

          At the top of my head…

          2NE1tv where he tells Dara she looks beautiful fresh-faced, and tells CL she should always wear make-up.

          CL complaining in Strong Heart (YG Family Special) that YG always tells them that they’re ugly, with Minzy and Bom nodding while Dara loling in the background. Something about their rehearsals and doing them without make-up because they’re rehearsals, and YG saying how ugly they look on the microphone, for everyone to hear. CL saying that they’re a girl group, but why does YG always tell them they’re ugly.

          • YG Family is very close, so I do believe the guys will often joke around with the girls, calling them weird, ugly and what not. Kind of like how a brother teases his sister. We girls get offended when someone calls us ugly, whether we’re ugly or not, regardless of who it is.

            • kimchininja said:

              I wondered if that was the case, but I think CL takes it seriously because she often complains about it, and not in a joking manner like Dara does with her Dating Ban or conspiracy to keep her from dating (as she suspects SE7EN to be in on it with their president).

              • It’s really hard to tell, since I don’t know exactly what kind of relationship they have and how close they are. =/
                I mean, if my boss called me ugly I’d take it seriously too, regardless of how close we were. Like I said, we girls tend to get offended when people call us ugly. It just a girl thing. My boss calling me ugly is not the same as he telling me I can’t date.


    • kimchininja said:

      Nah, I think he’s saying that 2NE1 doesn’t fit the standard of beauty that is expected of girl groups. Which they don’t. Only Dara does, tbh. CL gets mistaken for a guy, Jung Juri or other comedians. Bom has a host of issues with weight and plastic surgery. And Minzy is known as the female Daesung.

      So yeah, as much as I love the girls and think they’re all beautiful, sadly when it comes to Korea and their messed up standards of beauty, they’re no SNSD.

      • korean beauty standard is SNSD looks..long legs, slim figure, tall, doll-like, barbie-look, etc..(that`s what I think) but for me all of that beauty standard make me bored to see them, like YG said ” there are some handsome (or beauty) guys (or girls) but they don’t touch your heart whereas there are some guys who may not be so gorgeous to look at but you find yourself being drawn to them. I guess that’s what people call “charm” or “charisma”” and 2NE1 can pull of all their charisma to the for me they all look oh-so-gorgeous, no bored to see, and the most talented korean girl group that I ever know ^^ thas why we LOVE 2NE1..I will always support them :))))

  17. I respect your opinions guys but let’s face it, YG has a point. (not the beauty part, I believe all yg artists are gorgeous and are very much talented!)
    He’s only doing what he thinks is best. Let’s just support them till whenever!
    I’m even more thankful to YG for creating 2NE1 to begin with.

  18. I will forever support YG and 2NE1..and because I love them I will patiently wait for their comeback. (__)

  19. Purple Ruby said:

    Never ever say that 2NE1 is ugly! Coz it looks like that’s what he implied…in the first place these BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED AND CHARMING ladies is the first girl group that ever made it BIG in YG! They’ve even got the CHARM that no other so called ‘pretty’ girl groups have…YG surely raises my blood pressure most of the time discriminating 2NE1 with his other artists even against the new ones!

  20. wait when was this? so does that mean they’ll be releasing one single song and then going to tour again? that doesn’t seem right. i guess he’s talking about i love you, right? at that last answer.

  21. Let us give CEO YG a chance but one chance only. That’s it we have to wait patiently for 2NE1 comeback & keep the faith for CEO YG & the whole YG Entertainment.. I guess they’re being Slowly but surely..

  22. awkward610 said:

    Sometimes it’s better to not knowing what happened bts. Just make you had mix feelings about it. Just gonna hope for their comeback and try to hold my rant. Btw high school’s gonna have a field day with this new info imo.

  23. now i understand’s really hard to show something if it’s not yet totally ready…i hope teddy will gain more strength and inspiration to let him continue making incredible songs…!!!

  24. I hope YG doesn’t forget about 2NE1 just because there is going to be a new girl group. Last year was Big Bang’s year what about make this year as 2NE1’s?? If there is only going to be one song then I will be very disappointed….please can’t we have at least a mini-album???

  25. YG said prior to the release of ILY, they already done recording songs for a mini album they’re just in the process of choosing which songs to be included. bcoz of this they decided to drop one song at a time then the mini album.. but since 2ne1 was in a NE concert they decided to postpone the release of the mini so that after NE con they can focus on promoting it later.. then this article is saying that there was only 1 song produced for them (AFTER BEGGING) in the first place..

  26. I love 2NE1 and Teddy, as the 4th member of 2NE1… but I think the girls need to do more in terms of producing music so they will not be at the mercy of the producer. It will also show their growth as artists and not merely idols. Not saying that they are stagnant… I know Dara is trying her best learning how to play the guitar and Minzy probably is learning about mixing music (seen in 2NE1 tv) and she is very poetic so she can write lyrics while CL does her raps.

    And I don’t know why there is no mention of the English album or the US advancement. So has that plan been totally thrown out already? I don’t know if Gangnam Style opened the door or window, but as I’ve said before – they had to strike when the iron was hot, but I guess they weren’t ready. If they aren’t ready now, when will they be? Yes, “be patient” and all… but how long are they expecting us to keep our faith and wait when we see how the 2NE1 has been neglected this past year, and that is still without the debut of their new girl and boy groups?

  27. linlin_10 said:

    I’ve always been a silent lurker here in OD and this is my first time to comment here. I really really really hate you YG…. been waiting for my girls comeback…I know that our girls are very passionate with their music and they always give their 100% its just disappointing that YG seems to take the girls for granted. Our girl are very talented and its such a waste that YG is not doing anything to bring out and develop our girls’ talents more.

    But whatever happens, I will still patiently wait for the much awaited 2ne1 comeback. DARALING AND BLACKJACKS FIGHTING!!!!!

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