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Twitter/Instagram/Weibo: PR Director Sandara Park Says “I’m your number 1 fan ” for YG Family and Big Bang Sunbaes

Sandy, Im your forever and ever number 1 Fan too…^.^

Seriously though, how cute is PR Director Dara promoting both YG Family and also Big Bang sunbae?! Indeed, Dar ais YG Family’s number 1 fangirl! 


 I’m your number 1 fan


Bigbang 前辈 (Senior) 😆


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Photo: 140416 Lucky Fan Snaps a Selca “Together with Sandara-Chan” at Kansai Airport Going Back to Korea

Yes, さんだらちゃん (Sandara-chan) is the cutest and kindest! ^_^ I find it endearing that she used さんだらちゃん instead of んだらちゃん (Dara-chan).. XD



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Twitter: Dara Replies to a Fan – “I Want to Go Back to Japan and Buy CoCo Ichi Curry and Go to Don Quixote”

Awww, Dara is so cute, and she’s replied to another fan~! She’s a Japanese fan, who tweeted Dara in Korean! And Dara replied to her, but she must’ve known that the fan was Japanese, because the last portion of her tweet was Japanese, only written in hangul! Dara must’ve backtracked her tweets a bit.. XD


Yuko: @krungy21 Dara-unnie, I miss you  ~(;_;)♡ Come quickly here in Japan  ~(;_;)♡

Dara: @yodonsen1993 Invite me there, please ~ I want to go to CoIchi (short for Coco Ichi) and Don Quixote  ㅠㅠ  The CoCo Ichi curry I bought already ran out, “I’m hungry” (Dara said “I’m hungry” in Japanese, “onaka peko peko”)..ㅠ


Source: @krungy21 and @yodonsen1993

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Twitter: Dara Would Have A Sexy Concept for Clio Cosmetics Endorsement?

A fan asked Dara if the concept for her Clio Cosmetics endorsement would be a sexy one, and she said that it is. OMG! Yes to sexy concept please! ^_^


Source: @krungy21 + @spiffyhyosup + @YGLBEAbee

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