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Photos: 130421 Pretty Dara For Adidas MiRun in Busan

Dara looking so pretty with those braids!!! I love it when I see her face clearly, just like this one. She can totally pull off any hairstyle! So pretty Dara-ah! ^__^






Photo: Bommie Uploads A Photo of 2NE1 on Her Instagram – “2NE1 in Busan with Adidas”

OT4!!! So many photos of 2NE1 coming out, I’m a happy blackjack! They seem to be enjoying their stay in Busan~ <333 More OT4 photos juseyo! ^__^


BOM: “2NE1 in Busan with Adidas”

Source: Bom’s Instagram + Twitter

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Dara Visits Gwangalli Beach – “Wassup Busan~!!!”

Looks like Dara is having lots of fun in Busan! We all know how Dara loves the beach right? ^_^


DARA:  Wassup Busan~!!!!!!! Right now, come to Gwangalli beach~!!!  Yoohoo~!!! 


Twitter/Photo: Dara, Minzy, and CL Posing Before Haeundae Beach in Busan

My feels!!! Waaah! T_T They seem to be enjoying touring around Busan! ♥ I wonder where Bom is, she’s probably eating corn somewhere kekeek~ ^_^ Hope they upload more photo of the 4 of them! ❤

SWAG~! Kekeke~ ^_^


DARA: A picture from Chaerinie’s phone ^_^v In front of Haeundae (beach)


Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “2NE1 is now enjoying Busan!”

Weeee~ Looks like Dara is touring the girls on the streets of her hometown! Hope they are all having fun! ^_^ I see Dara, CL and Minzy~ Keke. Nice pose Dara! So cute!!! ^___^


DARA: 2NE1 is now enjoying Busan~ As expected Busan is nice~ Now popping baloons! This pose is nice right~ This pose is no joke!!! ^^


Twitter/Photo: Hip Hop Dara is Back in Her Hometown, Busan

Wooot~ Dara is back in her hometown, Busan! 2NE1 would be attending the Adidas miRun in Busan “All In For My City”~♥

 Anyway, she looks so cute in those braids! Have fun Dara-ah! ^_^ 


DARA: Ah…… The scent of my hometown


Video: 2013 adidas miRun Busan after concert with 2NE1

Yay! Another event where we can see the girls! And it’s in Busan too! Dara’s hometown. ^^ Can’t wait for April 21! ^^

2013 adidas miRun Busan after concert with 2NE1

Credits: Belle Fuentes

Photos: 120531 More HD Pics Of 2NE1 At Silla University, Busan

Can this pic be any more adorable? ^^ Dara’s cute pose! DaRin’s smiles! ❤

DARAAAA! ^^ My pretty, gorgeous goddess! Loving her fashion for this event! And her hair too! ❤

My fierce, awesome 2NE1 girls, whose comeback I am so excited about! ^^

^ Dara’s cute butt! Kekekekek! XDDD /infected with Bom’s infatuation with Dara’s cute butt XD


Fancams: 120531 2NE1 Performs at Silla University, Busan

Can’t Nobody

Talk – Dara and her cute Busan dialect! <333


Photos: 120531 Fan-Taken Pics of 2NE1 at Silla University, Busan

Earlier, the girls performed at Silla University, Busan. I wonder if Dara visited her birthplace or her relatives in Busan. To those who don’t know, Dara is a Busan girl! Kekeke! Her outfit reminds me so much of 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” days. I miss her style during those times so much! Yay! Her hair is part down and she is wearing high waisted pants! 

According to @S_Bar_pinky, during 2NE1’s event at Silla University, they mentioned that they are preparing hard for their comeback and that Silla University was their last event before their comeback! Wow! I am getting so pumped up for 2NE1’s comeback. How about you guys?