Wooot~ Dara is back in her hometown, Busan! 2NE1 would be attending the Adidas miRun in Busan “All In For My City”~♥

 Anyway, she looks so cute in those braids! Have fun Dara-ah! ^_^ 


DARA: Ah…… The scent of my hometown


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Hip Hop Dara is Back in Her Hometown, Busan" (18)

  1. bbycakes said:

    Totally love her style! I can’t tell done I’m on my phone, but are those dreads? I would complain again, but I actually like them!

  2. Dara’s SWAG is gradually showing! Excited for their comeback concept. ^^,

  3. nessadin0 said:

    I love her whole look! And the braids are totally cute on her. Everyone says she is looking like GD, but for some reason I keep thinking of Taeyang or Teddy. I’m not sure lol don’t mind my weird self >~<

    • Same here. Perhaps bcoz Dara and GD’s body structures are similar that they seem to look more alike but her style today from head to toe, literally, is more Taeyang-like to me, too. But, whatever, I like it when she’s styled like this.

      • nessadin0 said:

        Haha yeah that’s true. I also really like this look on her. But honestly whatever she wears is fine since she can pull off any look.

  4. i really like his style^_^

  5. cute 🙂 looks like GD much ..

  6. I think she gets inspiration on her fashion from gd or taeyang lol

  7. Blaq_roze said:

    LOVE the outfit. Sigh, all we need now is for her is to start some fierce rapping~ 😛

  8. Busan girl ❤

  9. Rain Drizzle said:

    every time I look at her she looks like GD female version.

  10. Dara is really rockin’ that hiphop look these days!!! She looks awesome

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