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Video: Sandara Park Sings “Song of Memory” from “One Step” Official Sound Track Live

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Photos: 170324 Gorgeous Dara at the Busan Cinema Center Stage Greeting for One Step Premiere

These photos were taken during One Step’s Premiere at the Busan Cinema Center Stage! Dara looks glowing and is showing us a different image! Actress Dara fighting! 

Click the link below for more photos!


Instagram+Weibo: Beautiful, Masked Dara Shares Photos from her Trip to Busan

I wonder what Dara was doing in Busan? ^^ Maybe just a short vacation or maybe something related to work? ^^ What do you think?


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Twitter+Instagram+Weibo: 151112 Goddess Dara Thanks Everyone who “Didn’t Forget” and Made her Birthday Special~ “Winter Woman Dara Thanks You!”

We love you more Sandy and we are always here to support you. This is why fans stay so long with you, because we know we are appreciated and we love an idol who never fails to give back as much as she takes.. ❤ 


My birthday.Thank you.


This year too to all people who didn’t forget to greet and look after me, thank you very much~ 💕💕💕 to Blackjacks who made this a happy day.. at beach in winter.. Winter woman Dara… 😍 Thank you to all who greeted me from all over the world on my birthday!!! And specially to all the Blackjacks who made my day even more special!!! I love u all!!! 😘 Sincerely, Dara




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Fancams: 130421 More and More Fancams of 2NE1 at Adidas MiRun Event in Busan

More and more fancams in Busan! ^_^




More fancams below! ^^


Video: More Fancams of 2NE1 at Adidas MiRun Event in Busan

Our girls, so happy to be on-stage! ❤ And Park sisters being oh-so-playful during Go Away. ^_^


Go Away



Me2day: Fresh Dara Asks Whether her Visor Matches Well with her Reggae Hairstyle

OMG, so so so prettyyyy! I love the visor with the reggae hairstyle look, so fresh and awesome! ❤ And it matches well with her Native American-inspired sweats. ^^


레게머리에 바이저 어때요? 잘 어울려요~? ^^

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What do you think of the visor with the reggae hair look? Does it match me well~? ^^

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Me2day: Me2day Queen Dara Tours Around Busan

Woohoo! Me2day queen is back! ^_^ She’s been updating all her SNS! Keke~ More Dara! ^_^


송정 해수욕장에서~ 오랜만에온 내 고향 부산! 여기저기 다 둘러보고 갈거에요^^ 다음 목적지는 어디~?!? 비밀이데이!!!

Source: Dara’s Me2day

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Fan-Taken: 130421 2NE1 Enjoying Busan’s Beaches

Look at them taking photos. Keke~ I suddenly want to go to the beach! T_T


Credits: @imjaison

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Photos: 130421 Colorful 2NE1 at Adidas MiRun in Busan

Adorable Park sisters! ^_^


Colorful 2NE1! ^_^