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News: Billboard ~ “2NE1’s ‘Crush’ Is First K-Pop Entry on Year-End World Albums Chart”

2NE1’s ‘Crush’ Is First K-Pop Entry on Year-End World Albums Chart


The girl group ends a year of accolades by breaking one more record.

After breaking multiple chart records earlier this year, 2NE1 cap off 2014 with one more boundary-pushing victory.

The girl group’s Crush album ranks at No. 11 on Billboard’s year-end World Albums chart. It’s the first time a K-pop act has notched an entry on the annual ranking that was first introduced in 1995.


Released in February, Crush became K-pop’s highest-charting album while also earning the best first-week sales for a release. The set hit No. 61 on the Billboard 200 — 2NE1‘s first entry on the chart.

In addition to being named Billboard’s No. 1 K-pop album of 2014, Crush also made it onto Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Pop Albums of 2014 and Fuse’s 40 Best Albums of 2014 lists.

In 2014, 2NE1 has found a remarkable amount of Stateside recognition. This included their Korean single “I Am the Best” garnering U.S. radio play (“I Am the Best” was previously released on a 2011 EP), topping Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart, a sync in a Microsoft commercial, a feature in NYLON magazine, appearances on The Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model, plus ranking as one of two acts representing K-pop’s best showing yet on the year-end World Albums Artists chart.

As 2NE1‘s international brand seems stronger than ever, leader CL is confirmed to be working on a full-fledged U.S. debut overseen by Scooter Braun.

2NE1 performed the album’s title track and lead single “Come Back Home” on the year-end award show SBS Gayo Daejun without member Bom.

Credits: Billboard

Video: 2NE1’s Official Preview and Promotional Vid for “Crush” Album, Black and Pink Versions

The album looks awesome! I cannot wait to buy my own copy! ❤


Credits: 2NE1

Official: YG’s Notice for 2NE1’s New Album “Crush” + Pre-Order Start at YG E-Shop


Hello, this is a message from YG Entertainment.

We announce the disclosure of 2NE1’s new songs on February 27 and
the release of their new album “CRUSH” on March 7.

The biggest reason for 2NE1’s popularity is their music!
2NE1 is coming back with a new album filled with their original music, four years after their first regular album.

2NE1 has been working hard to make an album that can be recognized by fans,
who have waited 2NE1’s new music for a long time.
Plus, they have also been doing their best to make more original and 2NE1-like music and now,
they have finally completed the album.
The new album has total 10 “the most 2NE1-like songs”, which 2NE1 can confidently present to our times.

A true heart, original resolution, hard-work, capabilities, and self-confidence.
2NE1’s new album “CRUSH” has been created based on all those values as well as 2NE1’s passionate efforts for a new leap forward!

For more information, please read the following.


▶ Reservation schedule : the day that will be announced later ~ March 6, 2014 (Thu.)
▶ Where to make reservation: YG e-shop and on/off-line record shops
▶ Date of release of music : February 27, 2014 (Thu.) 0am (12 o’clock in the night)
▶ Date of release of album : March 7, 2014 (Fri.)
▶ Composition (announced later)

▶ 2NE1 NEW ALBUM CRUSH track list

With an exciting beat and rhythmical rap and melody which center around a powerful lead synth sound,
This song is easy for anyone to sing along at first hearing.
The mixture of the style of different genres including dance, trap, and rock beat, adds to the excitement,
Showing the distinguished color of 2NE1.

This cross-over dance music created by combining different genres including R&B, reggae, and hip-hop
Is a sophisticated song where a modern sound source is put over popular retro melody, the megatrend of
contemporary music.
The later part of the song entertains listeners with a fresh twist into trap, one of the hottest genres of
It is a strongly catchy song with an easy chorus melody and lyrics, which make listeners want to sing along
it continuously, at first hearing.

The intro part is composed of a unique synth sound and rhythmical rapping
And the later part mixes a powerful and exciting beat with an old-school style melody.
It is a cross-over dance music where trap and elements of EDM are combined together.

A tender piano and unique string sound,
As well as a magnificent drum beat stand out in this sentimental ballad.

A sentimental melody that flows tranquilly like a stream, and a mellow piano sound stand out in this ballad.

MTBD is CL’s solo and a trap music that is composed of a tense drum beat, low bass, and unique synth
The witty lyrics written by CL by using the concept of “mental collapse”, one of the cultural icons of our
times, entertain listeners.

A shuffle beat centering around a magnificent electronic guitar sound and the progress in a major code,
As well as a sentimental chorus melody catch ears in this pop song.

A powerful drum beat, catchy “Scream” hook line, and unique synth sound catch ears
In this energetic electronic-dance song.
In the intro part, it progresses in a minor code and an ear-catching rap and mid-to-low-pitched melody
add to the energy, While in the later part, a chorus melody in a light major code brings the mood to the
climax powerfully.

A dreamy sound of electronic piano, unusual code progress that feels mystical,
And the lyrics about a secret crush between a man and woman are catching ears in this sweet urban
R&B song.

Another version of the title track, which is a reinterpretation of the title in an acoustic guitar version.
This song gives a sentimental feel that is different from the dance version, and the unique voice of each
member stands out in this version.

We ask for your interest and support.

Thank you.

Credits: YGEshop + YG-2ne1

Article: Critics and Fans Give Rave Reviews on 2NE1′s Upcoming “Crush” Album

Critics and Fans Give Rave Reviews on 2NE1′s Upcoming “Crush” Album


Critics and fans who attended 2NE1′s private listening party, “The Listening” have been raving about the group’s new song.

2NE1 held this private listening party at midnight on February 26 with just a day remaining for their comeback. 21 fans and critics attended this party, where they became the first people to hear 2NE1′s new music.

One of 2NE1′s double title tracks, “Come Back Home” received great reviews on its unique genre and melody. Critic Kang Myung Seok of the web zine “Ize” commented, “Instead of having just one genre, it is a mix of reggae, dupstep and hip-hop. ‘Come Back Home’s hip-hop aspect had the greatest impact on the song.”

“Spectrum”s Hong Seok Woo commented, “You can feel the rising effects through the beat and rhythm. It has an easy melody that you can sing along to. Teddy, PK and DP‘s great teamwork showed in the track. It’ll be a song that will change 2NE1′s past identity.”

The other title track “Gotta Be You” was highly praised for its popular mass appeal. Media Bling’s CEO Lee Se Hoon commented, “It is very 2NE1-like and has mass appeal.”

A 2NE1 fan club member Han Hyun Jin commented, “It is a dance pop track where the beat and melody come straight into your ears. I think the general public and the fans will like this song for a long time.”

For the three tracks that CL wrote and composed for her first time, including “Crush,” “Hope To Live” and “Baby I Miss You,” people said things like “It is a track that highlights 2NE1′s identity,” “It’s a unique track that has a good emotional touch,” “It is an urban-style track with interesting vocal tones,” respectively.

Overall, the 21 listeners emphasized that this album protects 2NE1′s identity but at the same time, attempts at new musical direction.

2NE1′s “Crush” will be released on February 26. The group will also be kicking off their “All or Nothing” world tour on March 1.

Credits: Soompi

Article: 2NE1 To Be Featured in Will.I.Am’s New Album, ‘#willpower’

Weeeee! More 2NE1xWill.I.Am collaboration coming our way~ Who’s excited for this? ^_^ To Release Brand-New Album #willpower On April 23


Multi-platinum producer and songwriter has announced that he will release a solo album entitled #willpower on April 23 on Interscope Records. The first single, “#thatPOWER” featuring Justin Bieber is available on iTunes today and the video, directed by Ben Mor, will be released next month. Additional songs on #willpower include tracks with Britney Spears, Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne, Diddy, Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Skylar Grey, Juicy J, Eva Simons,, Baby Kaely and 2NE1.

(A/N: Omitted non-2Ne1-related parts. Read full article here: Link.)

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