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Line: Dara – “I Think About What I Did This Year And What I Will Do Next Year And The Biggest Thing Is 2NE1 2014 World Tour!”

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Source: 2NE1 Official Line Account (KR & EN)

Capped by: OhDara

Line: Dara – “Good Night! Dream Of Me!!!”

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DARA: All the members would be so tired now cause we spent a day yesterday and came to HK so let’s sleep~!!!^_^ You worked hard and let’s do our best for our first Missing You stage on MAMA! I’m happy and nervous that we can concentrate on the song after jumping and playing on stages! When we were doing rehearsal~ wow~ this touching moment~ I am so happy that we will be  able to share this moment with bjs! I really hope many people are listening to this song and feel the song. Okay then, everyone goodnight! Dream of me!!!

DARA: but I forgot to bring my pyjamas cause I packed my bag half awake..well.. I should just sleep..goodbam!


Source: 2NE1 Line

Translated by: @sumiinkim

Line: Dara Rejoices at First Snow and Reminisces the Time she Shaved her Hair ~ “I Miss Park Sandara”

The distinction between Sandara Park and Park Sandara.. ❤ Dara brave Dara getting her hair shaved for the first time… ❤


Looking outside the window.. It’s snowing!!! The first snow


I miss Park Sandara


Source: 2NE1 Line

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Line: Ssancoustic Dara Gives an Impressive Rendition to “Lonely” as she Accompanies CL-Roo

OMG you guys! This is it! Didn’t we want a longer audio of Dara playing the guitar? And now here’s Ssancoustic! Seems that Dara went to CL-roo’s room to play the guitar and then CL decided to sing along with her! ❤ OMG DaRin! ❤ But wahhh you guys! Lonely! Dara is playing the guitar to Lonely! It’s quite a hard song to play because of the chords. It’s in E major, so basically the family of E would give a lot of sharps and sharp-minors, but Dara pulled it off! ❤ So so so proud of our baby girl! Our Hongdae goddessssss! ❤

130815 LINE CL – Lonely (Accompaniment by Dara)

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Youtube: 채 톡

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Line: Dara Reveals that they are Busy, Busy and will be on “ByulBam Radio” Tonight!

Yay! More and more schedules juseyo! Dara reminscing! ❤



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Capped by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Line: Morning Person Dara Eats Chicken Stew~!

Dara woke up early-ish considering they had a late night! Kekekeke! ❤ And oohhh, chicken stew! Good for the rainy weather they’re having. ^^



Source: 2NE1 Line

Capped by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Line: Dara Thinks that the Rain is Romantic – “Tired But Feeling so Giddy these Days”

Haha, Dara always did think that the rain was romantic.. ^_^ And awww, Dara sure loves being busy, busy! 2NE1 missed performing as a group and it shows, really.. ^^


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Source: 2NE1 Line

Capped by: OhDAra/WeLoveDara

Twitter: Pretty Dara Imitates her Mischievous Sticker’s Pose ~ “My Sense of Direction is Failing”

I’m sorry, but all I can see are Dara’s gorgeous, shapely legs! XD And ah, Dara, you need to look more mischievous because your sticker counterpart looks like she has very naughty and mischievous plans on the go! Kekeke! But oh boy, don’t I love love love your dress!!! It goes super well with your blonde locks, and yes, it shows off your shapely legs! Legs, legs, toned legs! ❤ The Crocks, I am not a fan of, but for you, I shall become one! ^^

And oh, this is a request pose from WeLoveDara’s Primary Admin! Kekeke! Unnie requested that Dara do this pose since it was her favorite one from all the stickers, kekeke! ❤ 

BPvsnckCIAIeTmh.jpg large


Uh… Oh… There’s something weird. I think my sense of direction is failing.. Why am I facing the opposite direction..^^;;;

The poor conditions when taking the photos have made them a bit insufficient. Soon, I’ll wear the same brick tracksuit as the sticker~ Then I’ll try to take a photo again.


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Line: Minzy Rules in Running Man and Becomes Dara’s “Super Girl”

I love how Minzy is just so free to have fun with her unnies! She is super athletic, and I really think she’ll stand out on Running Man! Keke! Yes, we’re ready for your everything! And how cute is Dara complaining to their maknae! And then encouraging her to go for it! ❤ Love the fake and real maknae love made so so so obvious! ❤

And awwww, Dara calling Minzy her “Supergirl” ready to save her from anything! <333

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BPsuz0nCUAA01JY.jpg large

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Line: Double Park Share that they Drink Lemonade and Milk Instead of Liquor

Haha, these two are so cute! They keep on using their stickers. ^_^ I wonder who gave the last update? My bet is on Minzy! ❤

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Source: 2NE1 Line

Capped by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara