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Audio: Short Snippet of Ssancoustic Playing “Lonely” at 2NE1’s Tokyo Fan Meeting

A short snippet of Dara playing the guitar at the fan club event, with Bommie singing! ^^

DARA performs guitar (TOKYOfanmeeting)   

Credits: BOMcorn21

Twitter: Dara’s (@krungy21) Favorite Justin Bieber Song is One Time (Acoustic Version)

Dara Twitter

Credit: Joy Max

Audio: 2NE1’s Line Update with Cute Dara and CL

Dara: This is Hong Kong. Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 
CL: (laughs) What is this? What do I have to say? 
CL and Dara: Hello
Dara: This is CL
CL: I’m CL 
Dara: I’m Ssandora Park 
CL: (laughs) It’s weird!! 
Dara: Goodnight-yong~ Ppyong! 

Line Audio #2 
Dara: Ah I forgot something. This is the 118th floor
CL: Hahaha why are you talking like this unnie? 
Dara: Because I’m graceful
CL: Because you drank wine right?
Dara: woahhh~~ Ah it’s so romantic and the night view is so beautiful
CL: Goodbam!
Dara: Goodbam! We’re on the highest floor! 
CL and Dara: Bye~ Goodnight!

Translated by: @sgbjcrew

Credit: @ForeverWithDara

Audio: Acapella, Music Recorded, and Instrumental Audios of 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me”

Oooohhhh, Dara sounds so good in the acapella! ^^ All the girls sound awesome actually! ❤





Source: muffingalzz3

Audio: 2NE1 “Do You Love Me” Official Instrumental and Music Recorded

Please buy them legally at YG Music:



Credit: marttii21

Audio: Double Park Line Audio Update Featuring KwangPark and Minzy (Eng Subs)

We can pretty much expect KwangPark and most probably MInzy too to be featured in Double Park TV Episode 2! ^^

Lots of love and thanks to @onewomansubs for translating and subbing the Line audio update from Double Park! ❤


Line: Ssancoustic Dara Gives an Impressive Rendition to “Lonely” as she Accompanies CL-Roo

OMG you guys! This is it! Didn’t we want a longer audio of Dara playing the guitar? And now here’s Ssancoustic! Seems that Dara went to CL-roo’s room to play the guitar and then CL decided to sing along with her! ❤ OMG DaRin! ❤ But wahhh you guys! Lonely! Dara is playing the guitar to Lonely! It’s quite a hard song to play because of the chords. It’s in E major, so basically the family of E would give a lot of sharps and sharp-minors, but Dara pulled it off! ❤ So so so proud of our baby girl! Our Hongdae goddessssss! ❤

130815 LINE CL – Lonely (Accompaniment by Dara)

BRsLlQUCEAAkP27.jpg large


Youtube: 채 톡

Source: 2NE1 Line

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Audio Cut: Dara’s Parts in 2NE1’s “Do You Love Me”

Ok guys! I can just listen to this over and over and over again…

Dara’s bedroom voice is sooo… chills! Waaa!!!

Credit: maxple91

Line: Double Park Goes to the Karaoke with “Mr. Crow” ~ Dara Recounts a Fun “Karaoke” Story!

Oh my ghad. Dara talking so fast because she wants to share something and got thoroughly excited by it. Haha! And Rj’s crow laugh! LOLOL! XD

130804 Double Park’s Line Audio update with RJinPeace

Credits: closersw

Dara: We are now at a karaoke!!!

/cheers/ wooh~~~~

Dara: Ah~~ Enjoying it!!!

Bom: Hey I’m surprised because you just started it without even telling me..

Dara: Do you have any episode about karaoke? I have one!

Bom: What? Woah that thing (**note that thing = Dara)…

Dara: Okay so it was long time ago in the Philippines when I was really famous.

Bom: Her fame was superb.. Woaah~~!!!

Dara: One day I!! went to a karaoke but suddenly my friends either went to the toilet, or called somebody, and one by one, they left.. (Dara waited for 10,15 minutes)..

Bom: Heol..

Dara: So I.. Heol.. So I thought maybe there will be nobody and so, I sang Alicia Keys’ “Some People Want It All”.
Bom: Oh oh oh!!! I know!

Dara: That song! I sang that song but since there was nobody I decided to show off my singing skills. So I sang:
“Some people want it all but I **DON’T!!!!!!!!!! (voice cracks ㅋㅋㅋ)

@rjinpeace : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~~~ (his laugh sounds like a crow)!

Dara: It became like this!!!! So.. OMG!!! I assumed that nobody heard it because it was so embarrassing. After that I wanted to go home, but a karaoke worker looked at me and giggled. Looks like everyone heard it T_T.. Ya that’s it.


Dara: Crow!! Mr. Crow has good singing skills!


Bom: Everyone (the fans) recognized Mr. Crow today and they were so happy, yelling,” That’s Mr. Crow!” He became a famous person.. People thought he was a woman..

Dara: He is a man and he’s handsome

Trans Credits: My2ne1blackjack

Audio: English Subs for One of Double Park’s Audio Updates on July 31

Haha! They both sound so fun! Bom sounded so sleepy, while Dara sounded so energetic still. ^^

[LINE AUDIO] 07/31 with Eng Sub Part 1/4

Credits: moonjk94