Pretty, pretty, pretty Dara! I think she shot this right after she got in from the airport! Her pigtails!!! /spazzes And I am loving the denim look on her! Casual, but still very very gorgeous!

Update #1:

와쌉?!? 스크림~ 뮤직비디오 짧은버젼 공개된거 봤어요?!? 아직 풀버젼과 무대가+.+남아있지만~! 우선은 숏버젼을 보며 기다려줘요! 노래가 한부분부분마다 다~ 중독성 쩌는거같아요ㅠㅠ캬~!아! 글구 키스노트도 마지막회 까지 공개됐는데!봤어요?!?^.^;;부끄뿌끄~!휙~

Wassup?!? Scream ~ Music Video short version has been released, did you guys see it?!? The full version and stage performances have yet +.+ To be released, but~! Please watch the short version first while waiting! All the parts of the song ~ are very addictive, all of them ㅠㅠ Kya~! Ah! Also, Kiss Note’s last episode has been revealed too! Did you watch it?!? ^.^;;; I’m embarrassed~! Swish~

Update #2:

싼쿠스틱이 돌아오다!!!빠밤!기톼…….오랜만에..잡아보는군..ㅎㅎㅎ 아 정말 ㅠㅠ 작년 이맘때쯤 처음 시작했을때랑 실력이 거의 비슷한거같아요ㅠㅠ참..한결같죠?!? 휴우..오랫동안 연습을못했어요 흑흑 이렇게 인간미넘치다니ㅠ자~! 긍정적으로~!홧팅홧팅!야야야!+.+

Ssan-coustic is back!!! Ppabam! Guitar……. After a long time.. Holding it again.. Ha ha ha Ah, truthfully ㅠㅠ My skills with the guitar are still the same as the time when I first started out last year ㅠㅠ I am too.. unchanging?!? Hyoooo… For a long time, I wasn’t able to practice hu hu I am just human too ㅠ Aja~! Must be positive~! Fighting fighting! Ya ya ya! +.+

Update #3:

고독한자기관리중 찍힌사진!!! 두둥! 사진을 보고 흠칫 놀랐다!!! 난 그저.. Kpop스타를 보며 런닝머신을 뛰었을뿐이고… 이사진을 보니 내가 마치 사장님과 마주보며 평가를받으며ㅠ운동하고있는거같다..0.0 후덜덜~!!!ㅋ 깜놀!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아이고오~

A picture taken during the loneliness of self-discipline!!! Dudung! I was shocked when I saw this picture!!! I was just.. Watching KPop Star while running on the treadmill.. And as this picture was taken, it was as if I was facing the president and receiving his evaluation ㅠ It appears to be like that, even though I’m just exercising.. .0.0 Shivers~!!! Ke It’s surprising!!! Ke ke ke ke ke ke Aigoo~


Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "Me2day: Gorgeous Pigtail Dara Asks If We’ve Seen Scream and Kiss Note Episode 4 + The Return Of Ssan-coustic + An Evaluation From The President?!" (7)

  1. 2ne1shabam said:

    She looks thin there but she’s gorgeous…more gorgeous without make-up…

    I’m just like her been wanting to learn guitar as well…but with my busy schedule and priorities i can’t..and i’m even a normal person..Dara is a celebrity…Endorsement here and there, photoshoots, cf’s (solo projects and commitments)…then comes group activities…

    Her me2’ng is for her fans just like me, who takes her me2 as our daily happy fruit…If you know her from the start, its been known to her and her fans that social networking site as me2day is were we connect with her and we know whats she’s up too…As a fan i hope you take into consideration the amount of happiness she’s bringing to her fans by her simple updates…

    Were both fans i hope you think of this things as well… 🙂

  2. phoenix said:

    wow. you must be really close with her to know her circumstances. i seriously envy you …

  3. @izumi: learning to play the guitar is not easy, it’s hard and painful…specially if you don’t play it all the time…i know coz i’m learning to play the guitar too…3 years is not long enough to be perfect and it’s not like she has the luxury of time to just focus on playing the guitar… Hope you don’t take my reply the wrong way… I’m just sharing my opinion about it… Thanks…:)

  4. Ooh, Dara watching and supporting Papa YG judging contestants.

  5. She’s pretty, with or without makeup<33 Sweetie Dee HWAITING!!!!

  6. WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! first and foremost, you look absolutely beautiful in your mitu ❤

    and yes! we've seen Scream MV short version and u sound lovely! Your japanese sounds so good and malambing ❤ i just know people will love Scream!

    KISS NOTE!!! what can i say other than you were PERFECT in that CF. the acting was so believable! i wonder how much more we have to beg beg beg for us to see you in a full kdrama TT TT i hope it will happen soon cause the CF just made us want it even more!!!

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