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Photos: 150817 Fantaken Pics of “We Broke Up” Cast at their “Thank You” Mini Concert Busking Event

Awww, our “We Broke Up” cast.. T_T We miss you! Thank you for the wonderful show yesterday! <333









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Official: “We Broke Up” Holds “Thank You” Event for Surpassing 10 Million Views ~ Busking at Hongdae Rolling Hall on the 17th


Congratulations, congratulations WBU team! ❤ FINALLY! We hear news about the busking event, yaaayyyyy~! ❤ I am really looking forward to it! Can’t wait for the 17th! ❤ I really, really wish I could go.. T_T I hope someone records the event so we international fans can watch it as well.. XD 




Congratulations to all the event winners! ❤ Official Blackjacks can apply through the fanclub.. ^^


This is the venue for the busking event! Wooowww! It’s really suited for band-type performances.. ^^ And when they said “busking” I truly thought they’d go with the most basic meaning of the term and perform on the streets! Kekeke! XD





Source: YG Family Facebook

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: Dara Shares More Pictures from her “Dara Tour” with WBU Cast on her Japanese Blog ~ “Adventures of Da~Rabbit”

More pics! ❤






Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Cast and Staff Share Sweet Photos with Dara at “We Broke Up” Farewell Party


Directors, writers, actors, staff, all the cameos, and even to all the people who couldn’t attend, thank you. I hope we can meet again someday in a good place 🙏🏼 #webdrama #WeBrokeUp



#WeBrokeUp #FarewellParty #SamgeoriButchers


#InstaSize #WeBrokeUp


#WeBrokeUp thank you all so much!!🙌🙌🙌🙌  Really lovely working with these people! We Broke Up team!!


#WeBrokeUp #Directors #SandaraPark #dizzydizzy


#WeBrokeUp #FarewellParty #SandaraPark #Hongdae


Hello~Noh Woori.
Thank you so so so much
Dara-noona 😆


We didn’t break up!


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Instagram: Dara Shares Behind-The-Scenes Pictures as she Celebrates the Last Broadcast of “We Broke Up”~ “Good-bye Noh Woori!”

Awwww, Dara, we will miss Noh Woori! However, we are also looking forward to the next character you’ll play.. ❤11352896_868989286510837_233130993_n

Our staff who had a special appearance during the busking scene~ On the right, you can find my manager, Seungyoon’s manager and so on ~ ㅋㅋㅋThe last broadcast is today!!! 😭


Goodbye No woori~~~!!! 😭


Source: daraxxi

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Video/Official: “We Broke Up” Has Reached the End~ Woori Goes on a Journey to Find herself, Won Young Lets Go of Mars Music, Hyun Woo Lets Go of his 3-Year Crush~ “Again It’s Spring”

On borrowed computer time, so sorry this was posted late.. T_T Anyway, OMG IT HAS FINALLY ENDED! I am sad to see NOh Woori and Ji Won Young and the rest of the characters go to be honest.. T_T “We Broke Up” was a great and compelling drama, I just wished it was longer so we could see more character and plot development.. T_T Anyway, so here’s the last episode! I won’t spoil anything, but please do share your thoughts in the comments section! I know that a lot are confused about the ending, it is sooo open-ended I can’t even kekeke.. XD What do you think of the ending? How do you interpret it? Share your thoughts below!!! ^^

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP10 “Again It’s Spring”

We Broke Up
Translated by don093

(Kang Seung Yoon)
Where is your smile that used to shine on me always?
Where is your warmth that used to embrace my body?
You, who used to say “I’m Happy” to me with your pretty voice…
Without me knowing, the fragile girl I knew is not here anymore…
The fact that you were hurting because of me…
It’s too late knowing and regretting that now…
Love that I thought would last forever and
The promise we made not to let go of each other’s hands…
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today

(Sandara Park)
Where is your gaze that looked at me lovingly?
I missed your embrace that you lent me whenever I cried…
Where are you, who promised me you’ll make me happy…
The warm man I used to know isn’t here anymore…
The fact that you made me lonely Don’t forget that now, it’s too late…
Love that you said would last forever
And your hand that held me tightly…
Crumbles without strength in front of my heart that you hurt.
That’s right, we broke up today…

I was always really sorry…

I really loved you…

(Dara and Yoonie)
The love we thought would last forever and
The delusion we dismissed
Crumbles without strength in front of the farewell that came quietly…
That’s right, we broke up today…

Lalalala lalala (2x)



Credits: YGEntertainment

Official/Video: Woori Leaves the Share House, Won Young Gets Depressed, and Hyun Woo Fights Back~ Thrilling “We Broke Up” Episode 9

Okay so this episode left me drowning in feels OTL My #TeamWeForever TT___TT Won Youngie basically rampaging in Hyun Woo’s place though.. So seriously, they are NOT over each other OTL I wonder where Woori went? T_T Be safe, Woori-ya! T_T

What’s your favorite scene in this episode? One more episode to go! I don’t want it to end yet~!!! TT___TT

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP9 “How to Remove a Band Aid”

Credits: YGEntertainment

Official/Video: Office Girl Woori Gets Bullied at Work, Hyun Woo Remains a Reliable Knight, While Won Youngie Sings his Heart Out ~ Exciting and Heart-Breaking “We Broke Up” Episode 8

Gaaaahhhhh this episode! TT_______TT So many things happening and I love each and every second OTL Please make the last two episodes longer~! T_T Aigoo, Woori getting bullied at work by her female boss who soooo obviously is jealous of her! I am so protective over my baby Woori that I want to shake her.. T_T She’s having a hard time at work, poor baby. But she is determined, and I love her for that! I love Hyun Woo’s attitude towards her too.. And whoa, way for his romantic plan at finally telling Woori how he feels for a long time already, backfire at him! And don’t you just love 0+1~?! Kang Seungyoon’s voice is jjang, jjang, jjang!

What’s your favorite part in the episode? ^^

우리 헤어졌어요 (WE BROKE UP) – EP8 “0+1”

Credits: YGEntertainment


The day we first met
Do you remember that day

Amidst many people
The moment our eyes met

The way you looked at me
Turned me into a fool

That’s how you and I met
and became us

It you didn’t exist
l would still be just me

I’m the number zero, empty inside
You’re the one(1), the light that filled me
That’s right, you plus me is one
I’m nothing, a zero(O)

You’re the one person who looked at me
That’s right, you plus me is us

Credits: @chrissy96_ + Thanks @alohadara in the comments section!

So please do watch through YGEntertainment YouTube channel first, watch it again for a few dozen times (kekeke) then watch in InSite and YGKplus channels.. We know that international fans cannot view the videos on Naver TVCast, but you CAN give “hearts” on the videos themselves. Look up the We Broke Up page, log-in to your Naver account with your ID, then give hearts please.. Also, we need to catch up with the views from Naver TVCast, let us international fans show our love and support! ❤ Thank you! FIGHTING!





Instagram+Weibo: Dara Shares Pretty Selcas with Seungyoon~ “Please Continue to Watch WBU a Lot!”

Awwww Dara and Yoonie~! ❤ So so so cute, this couple.. ^^ Dara looks like Seungyoon’s same-age friend seriously.. XD Ooohhh I wonder why they’re learning Chinese? ^^


It’s already the final week together with Woori&Won-Young!!! ☔️ The weather is gloomy now and it’s already raining, but still, I wish you all have a fresh week ^.^ Please watch WBU a lot until the end~! 😄 #우리헤어졌어요#webrokeup


Hey everyone! We are Dara and Seungyoon! How’ everything? It’s raining in Korea today! We have started learning Chinese these days, and sometimes, the two of us talk in Chinese. Hope you guys have a wonderful day! Bye! 😀


Sources: daraxxi on Instagram + daraxxiCN on Weibo

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara +  + 

InstaVid: Actress Dara Shares her Cute Drummer Girl Moment on “We Broke Up” Episode 7

Drummer girl Dara! <333

우리 헤어졌어요 7화中 😝 We broke up EP7


Source: daraxxi