Awwww Dara and Yoonie~! ❤ So so so cute, this couple.. ^^ Dara looks like Seungyoon’s same-age friend seriously.. XD Ooohhh I wonder why they’re learning Chinese? ^^


It’s already the final week together with Woori&Won-Young!!! ☔️ The weather is gloomy now and it’s already raining, but still, I wish you all have a fresh week ^.^ Please watch WBU a lot until the end~! 😄 #우리헤어졌어요#webrokeup


Hey everyone! We are Dara and Seungyoon! How’ everything? It’s raining in Korea today! We have started learning Chinese these days, and sometimes, the two of us talk in Chinese. Hope you guys have a wonderful day! Bye! 😀


Sources: daraxxi on Instagram + daraxxiCN on Weibo

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara +  + 

Comments on: "Instagram+Weibo: Dara Shares Pretty Selcas with Seungyoon~ “Please Continue to Watch WBU a Lot!”" (1)

  1. Probably gonna do a Chinese version of #webrokeup?! Hahaha. That would be so epic.. Or probably a Book 2?! I hate how it is all gonna end this week huhu. I want a spin off showing how they handle being back together haha (assuming it’s WooYoung endgame) and second chances haha.

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