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Press Photos 3: 170330 Gorgeous Actress Sandara Park’s Photos for “One Step” Press Interview

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Instagram: Dara – “Yesterday, I wanted to thank the people who came for “One Step” VIP Premiere… I was touched…”

Source: daraxxi@instagram

Translated by: @WeLoveDara

Instagram: 170330 SBS Power FM’s Park Sohyun – “The actress of the movie “One Step” ~ Dara, Dara, Sandara Park…”

Last night, Dara together with Cho Dong-in were guests in SBS Power FM’s “Love Game”. The host, Park Sohyun, shared a photo of both! ^_^

Park Sohyun: The actress of the movie “One Step” ~ Dara, Dara, Sandara Park♡ Chungmuro Super Rookie Cho Dong-in♡ They’ll be appearing soon~ Turn on the radio! Come here, come here

Source: lovegame1077@instagram

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@WeLoveDara

Instagram: Uhm Junghwa – “Dara. Movie One Step! A must-see~ Fighting!!”

Uhm Junghwa: Dara. Movie One Step! A must-see~ Fighting!!

Dara: *gasp*!!! Unnie~Thank you~ Kkyaack!!!

Source: umaizing@instagram + daraxxi@instagram

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BlackpinkOfficial Instagram: Jisoo – “I came secretly to cheer on Dara-unnie during #OneStep premiere! 💛 Very pretty Dara-unnie who always takes care of me”

Visual Sisters Dara and Jisoo Fighting! ^_^ I love how YG Family secretly went out to support Dara!

#BLACKPINK #JISOO #DARA #unnie #OneStep #TheSongsAreGood #TheStoryIsGoodToo #UnnieILikedIt @daraxxi Yesterday, I tried uploading it but it’s still late ㅜㅜ I came secretly to cheer on Dara-unnie during #OneStep premiere! Very pretty Dara-unnie who always takes care of me. She was so really beautiful and bright in the movie. The very best! Thank you very much for inviting me >_<

Source: blackpinkofficial@instagram

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News: “Leaving the comfort zone of 2NE1 and getting into a battle field”… Sandara Park’s 3rd life.

[OSEN Journalist Jang Jin Ri]

Sandara has shown a “true her” through music movie “One Step”. It was the first time she participated in a movie and played the leading role, which made it even more meaningful for her.

Sandara Park debuted as a 2NE1 member in 2009 and being a singer for several years. She now has a brand new title – actress – due to the movie “One Step”. Dara is gradually showing herself as an actress from web drama to the movie. Although she says “Well begun is half done.”, she only rates her acting skill a 51 points.

“I feel like I don’t really recognize myself. I never do. I’m the kind of person who cannot recognize myself. If 100 is maximum, I might get 51. But that is what beginning means, since there is a saying “Well begum is half done.” If I rated myself 100 it’d be like a poser.” She laughed.

“One Step” is talking about Sihyun who lost her memory in an accident and Jill who was a composer but suddenly failed to compose songs. They cured each other through music and during the time they both grew up. As for Sihyun and Jill’s story and the slogan of the movie: “Who am I?”, Sandara said: “Due to my busy work these years, I barely asked myself “Who am I?”. But while we were filming the movie, I asked myself “Who am I?”, then I realized “Just Sandara Park” so I could keep doing this.”

2017 means a lot of “for the first time” to Sandara Park. Solo activities for the first time, participating in a movie for the first time, playing a leading role for the first time. Sandara Park is excited for it but also a bit nervous. However, she says its gonna be “Sandara Park’s 3rd life.”

“I had been a singer for a long time, but there is no solo songs that for me to feel like “This is my song.”. Now I just left the comfort zone of 2NE1 and stepped into a battlefied. It’s war and I have to fight for it. It seems to be my 3rd life. My 1st life was in the Philippines, 2nd was being 2NE1 member. And now this solo Sandara Park is gonna be the 3rd life.”

Sandara Park is willing to do something as a singer even though she is officially stepping into acting. “I want to be a person like Um Jung-Hwa sunbae. She is a singer when she sings, and becomes an actress when she acts. I want to become little Um Jung-Hwa. I’d love to have much more acitivites in the one and only path that Um Jung-Hwa unnie has walked by.”

Translated by: @MIAO_21

Transcribed by: @WeLoveDara

Fan-Taken: 170329 Sandara Park at the VIP Premiere of “One Step” Movie in Seoul


Credit: 봄에핀콩 Nolza_xxi + choco dung

Videos: 170329 Press Videos of “One Step” Movie VIP Premiere in Seoul

Credit:TongTongTv 통통영상 + Vstar


Fan-Taken: 170320 Beautiful Sandara Park at “One Step’s” VIP Premiere in Seoul

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Video: “One Step” Music Video – “Shy Day”

Credit: 민병석