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Photos: Some Unseen Dara Photos from Etude


Goodies: Etude House Wallpaper for May!

The wallpaper/s can be downloaded from 🙂

Source: + etudehousegirl

Photos: Dara’s Etude Billboard in the Philippines + Etude Phils. Promo

*in Guadalupe, Makati*

source: tmmerto91

Thanks to tmmerto91 for the photos ❤



[TRANS] BLOG: Dara’s All-Day Clear Day~ Directly From Fans Schedule <3

Hello. This is Sweet Girl.
Today, I’m going to introduce you to many interesting pictures ~ ❤
This is Dara’s Day!

These are cuts from Sandara’s Miss Tangerine and Pearl Clear BB Cream Advertisements
This is something I made myself~
I am so delighted!
Viewing them alone is lonely, so I wrote this up so it will be better! >.<

9:00 AM Good morning, Dara!
10:00 AM Bling Bling Secret beauty is achieved~
11:00 PM Start of beautiful CF filming~!
3:00 PM Dara’s Happy Free Time Hour!
4:00 PM Dara is already tired
5:00 PM Going back to warm home go go!
8:00 PM Bath time to relieve stress!
10:00 PM Being Sleeping Beauty Time

Dara is tiny but very pretty and because of her, I am a proud Etude product user! >.< Many have become new Etude fans too, so thank you!

Everyone is also addicted to the Dara Dara Dance to start off their day, and are now applying Miss Tangerine make-up and Pearl Clear BB Cream for a prettier look!

And when you get home, after taking a citrus bath (A/N: Like what Dara did with the bathtub full of oranges LOL!), don’t forget to put Dr. Eyelash Ampoule toktoktok before bedtime for longer lashes! ❤

So far everything is a sweet experience 😀


Translated by: knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Meeting Miss Dara –, Philippine News for Filipinos

Meeting Miss Dara –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

Click! Click! Click! the link above ❤ It’s a must read! 🙂 A MUST READ for allllllllll Dara fans! ❤

Here are some excerpts from the article: [Text in pink are translations by Oh Dara]

“When you meet Dara, it is her seemingly pore-less, velvety white skin that strikes you first. I wanted to touch her face to see if it was real.”


“The campaign was so effective, come afternoon of the launch day, the stocks of the Miss Tangerine line were all gone.”


“But stardom hasn’t gotten to her head. “Hindi pa rin. Hindi ko pa na-re-realize na big star ako [Trans: Still haven’t. I still haven’t realized that I’m a big star],” she humbly stated.”


“Dara still dreams of coming back to Manila, with her ultimate dream of staging a concert at the Araneta Coliseum.”


Who among your friends encourages you? “Si Boom! [Park Bom] Same age kami, yes, best friend ko siya.” [Trans: We’re of the same age, and yes, she’s my best friend]

– Stef Cabal, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Want more? 😀 Click the link above to read the whole article. And don’t forget to leave a comment on the article at Inquirer’s comment box. Ah go go go! ❤ Let’s show Dara and Etude (and PDI for the article) some love 🙂

Goodies: Miss Tangerine Wallpaper


The wallpapers can be downloaded at 🙂 ‘Love seeing Miss Tangerine all over their site. Dara <333

News: Miss Tangerine hits Etude House Stores in Asia!

Miss Tangerine is going places!

Etude House Taiwan has recently launched Miss Tangerine Collection and Dara’s humanoid billboards can now be seen in Taiwan (not sure what a humanoid billboard is though ^^)

Yesterday, March 1, Etude House Singapore launched Miss Tangerine and most of the collection’s said to be the best buys. The blush on is already sold out and it’s only been a day!