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Photos+Info: Dara’s Gets Her Own AirCamel Star Page For Etude House Taiwan Event!

How awesome is this? ^^ Dara has got her own AirCamel Taiwan Star page! ^^ 

Because Dara cannot come to the Pink Play Party concert in Taiwan, Etude House Taiwan has prepared a special event for all Dara fans! Taiwanese Dara fans can register or log into AirCamel using  their Facebook account, and then answer the question posted on Dara’s web page. And then they can get a chance to win Dara’s autograph and a green metallic Etude nail polish! ^^

If you live in Taiwan and are intrested to join, check out the page => Dara’s AirCamel Star Page


Source: AirCamel Star Page + Etude House Taiwan FB

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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