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Instagram: Dara Shares A Picture with Masta Wu at “Off White x Boon The Shop” Launching Party ~ “Together with oppa >.< That's yes yes~!"

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “마스타우~오빠와 함께 }._ - https___instagram.com_p_2H_EvbiSzg_

Masta Wu~together with oppa >.< That’s yes yes~~~!!!



Translated by: Hannah @ WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Official/Photo: YG Life Shares a “Happy New Year 2015” Photo Greeting with YG Family Artists

Old photo, but edited to include the new members of YG Family.. ^_^ Happy New Year everyone! And I hope this 2015 brings more blessings for YG Family as well.. ❤ 2NE1, fighting! YG Family, fighting! ^^



Source: YG-Life blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Video/Translations: Lovely Sandara On Show Me The Money’s Episode 5

Dara on SMTM’s episode 5! Their reactions when she came out were so precious! Keke! That fanboy though, I don’t blame him! Do you see how his whole face turned red when she came out? So cute! Haha! <333 

See Dara enjoying their performance in the video below! ^_^

TABLO: The last person we’re bringing in is a great person. Someone who has played on many stages. A girl friend who knows how to play. Ssssssss….. I won’t say her name. Please come in!

YUK JIDAM: Daebak! So pretty!

DJ TWOCUT: The reaction is very different.

TABLO: Look at Snacky’s face. When he came to this team, we asked him why and he said he wanted to see Sandara Park. 

DARA: Ah really? Thank you.

MASTA WU: I’ll just let you know that she didn’t come here because of Snacky Chan.

TABLO: Do you like her too much as if she’s a gift to you(?)

SNACKY CHAN: Ah I don’t know.


SNACKY CHAN: Sandara Park, my baby. Oh, crazy. Ugggggh!


DARA: I think enjoying (the stage) is the most important. Fighting!

Credits: daevelynn 이블린
Translations by: @kjop21_

Twitter/Instagram: Dara Wishes to be Closer with Masta Wu and Tablo ~ Cute, Fierce Threesome of “WuTaDa”

Oohhh, I wonder where they were hanging out and for what? XD And Dara’s tweet is so cute! There are many people I’m around with that I feel exactly the same way as Dara does with them. XD We’re friends, but awkward; comfortable, but really a bit shy with them.. XD


It seems like we’re friends.. But it seems awkward.. Seems comfortable.. But seems a bit shy.. It’s like a family.. But not really a family.. But it’s family-like.. I hope that me and oppas can be good friends~~~ >.< 

And Tablo RTed her tweet, and added:


Tablo: WuTaDa



Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter/Instagram: Dara Shares a Photo with the “Coolest Masta Wu-Oppa” who she “Really21x” Likes

Masta Wu is a rapper, composer, producer, recording artist under YG Entertainment. ^^           



With the coolest Masta Wu oppa whom I reallyx21 like   Kkyak~!!! >.< #mastawu #dara



Source: @krungy21 + daraxxi

Translated by: @sgbjcrew