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Videos: Hyoni TV Season 4 Episode 3 Featuring Witty and Fun Sandara Park and Lee Seyoung in Jeju

Yay with English subs! They’re not very perfect though, but they’ll help one understand the videos.. ❤ These are such treasures! We can see Cheetah Dara, rapper Dara, meokbang goddess Dara, life-mentor buggy driver Dara, and sweet friend Dara! ❤ I’m relaly grateful to Hyoni and Seyoung too for their wonderful gift of friendship. I hope these three gorgeous ladies stay friends forever.. ❤

[HyoniTV4 Ep 3-1] Maze Runner: Dara 7 Seyoung’s Exodus

[HyoniTV4 Ep 3-2] Dara&Seyoung King of Tasting Muneo Tteokbokki

[HyoniTV4 Ep 3-3] Sandara & Lee Seyoung Show Me The Money

[HyoniTV4 Ep 3-3] Sandara & Lee Seyoung Furiously Driving Fast

Credits: YGK+ TV


Twitter: Fun Sandara Park Shares the Link to Hyoni TV’s Meokbang in Jeju with Seyoung

They are so cute, the broadcast was fun! And yes, I got hungry while watching this OTL

(EP. 4-2) Sandara & Lee Seyoung Starred in Law of the Jungle?
[Jeju Olle? Hyoni TV Season 4]


Wah… This is meokbang. This is the first time after debut that I went on a proper meokbang, right?! I’ve made a lot of progress.. 흐흐흐… Also, there’s Seyoung’s unique Bruce Lee-like lessons on individual skills. 아뵤 (T/N: abyo – it’s a Bruce Lee martial art sound effect) ~!!! Aigoo, my stomach! My stomach.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Source: @krungy21  + HyoniTV 4 NaverCast

Re-uploaded and translated by: Blackjackbelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara


Photos: 151226 Fantaken Pics of Radiant, Beautiful Dara at Monsant Cafe in Jeju Island

Fantaken pics of Dara at Monsant! ❤ So so so pretty.. T_T She’s so radiant, seriously, just look at her.. ❤






More under the cut!


Source: GD–SS on Weibo

Re-uploaded by: OhDara


Instagram+Weibo: Adorable Dara Parodies Gil Ra-Im and Ponders Huge Bread Served at “Monsant Cafe” in Jeju

Sandara Park why so so so cute?! ❤ Dara went to Jeju for the weekend, and was seen in Monsant! ^_^ The Monsant Cafe is owned and run by G-Dragon.. ^^ I think Dara met up with some friends there, as evidenced in the picture posted in the previous post.. But I think she may have done some work there as well.. ^^


Bread eating broadcast  🍞  (T/N: Dara made a play with “meokbang” which is like “eating broadcast” and “ppang” which is bread)


Gil Ra-Im parody after a long time 😁




Source: daraxxi + daraxxicn

Re-uploaded and translated by: OhDara


Instagram: Ahreum Ahn Shares a Group Picture with Dara Spending Christmas at Jeju Island

Oh wow! Dara’s been spending time with this group lately, isn’t she? ^^




A photo posted by AHREUM AHN (@ahnahr) on


Source: ahnahr

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 130802 Fantaken Pics of Pretty, Cute “Oreo” Dara at the Airport Back to Seoul from Jeju

Cute Oreo sweater! From Skittles to Oreo! ❤ Nom nom nom! XD I wonder how many food-related sweaters Dara has? ^^ And ack, doesn’t she look good in blue? Matches so well with her blonde hair. ^^ Her roots are starting to show already though. XD


BQpzgwACEAEJy11.jpg large

BQpYQcnCMAEK4gh.jpg large

BQpZPP6CIAAvBBE.jpg large

BQpa2gkCAAISk8Q.jpg large

BQpzWXvCIAEM5-i.jpg large


Photos: Screencaps Of Pretty Dara And Cute Team DaRin In 2NE1 For Nikon

Weeee! Gorgeous and oh so expressive! Dara is such a joy to cap since she has so many emotions that run through her face. XD She’s just so animated! And oh, hello there flawless skin! ^^

More pictures under the cut! ^^ (more…)

Video: Nikon Photo Movie Vol.6 “I Take The Best Shots” with 2NE1

YAY! Episode 6! ^^ So cute! Team BoMin won, and CL was a bit upset and was pouting, then Team DaRin’s food arrived and Dara quickly drove in, but CL continued pouting. Kekek! Our cute girls! ^.^ And oh, you can also see them learn more about shooting pictures using a DSLR camera. ^^

[Nikon] Photo Movie Vol.6 “I Take The Best Shots” with 2NE1 — 2NE1 in Jeju