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Photos: More Cute And Glam 2NE1 For Intel’s Ultrabook

How cute and adorable and bubbly is this picture?! ^^ 2NE! in their Scream outfits, but with better hairstyles! ^^ Love love love Dara’s bun hair! Like Chun-li’s! ^^ And Bom’s curly ponytail on the side reminds me of Dara’s hairstyle during I Don’t Care days. ❤

And here’s 2NE! in their silver outfits, holding the Ultrabook like bosses. Kekeke! ^^ CL’s smirk! ^.^


Source: 2NE1’s Official Facebook Page

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 120605 More of Dara and 2NE1 at Intel Ultrabook Press Conference

And more pics from the press conference! I can’t get enough of their pretty looks at the event! ^_^


Dara Fashion Find: Dara Wears Balmain And Alexander Wang To Intel Ultrabook Launching Event!

Love Dara’s look! Love her black jacket with the big gold buttons the most. The engraving is a peacock. Kekeke! ^^

Credits: As tagged – WeLoveDara/ OhDara

Videos: 2NE1 Intel Ultrabook Launching News Videos

More news clips from the event that the girls attended yesterday! ^^

[SSTV News clip] 2NE1 Comeback Notice, “It’s still a secret, but we’re returning soon” 


2NE1 for 3rd Generation Intel Ultrabook


Credits: news1korea

Photo: 120605 Fan-Taken Photo of 2NE1 at Intel Ultrabook Press Conference

The girls are looking great! Really can’t wait for their comeback! ^_^

Credit: @DC2NE1

Photos: 120605 Press Pics of Goddess Dara at Intel Press Conference

I just had to create a seperate post for Dara’s press photos. She looks sooooo beautiful at today’s event. Her smile… She just smiles so brightly that it makes me smile too. And her hair, Dara rocks the braided hair so well! Just like how she pulls off every hairstyle she tries. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Sandara Park is a living Goddess!!! <333

More of gorgeous Goddess Dara after the cut! ^^


Photos: 120605 Press Pics of Beautiful 2NE1 at Intel Press Conference

Oh the girls looks sooooo beautiful today! Love all their hairs, and their outfits! I hope they stick to this concept for their comeback! So gorgeous! <333

More photos after the cut!


Photos: Huge 2NE1 Posters for Intel Ultrabook

WOW! This posters are so big and so HD! The girls look amazing in those shots! ❤ I want one! ^_^


Photos: 2NE1 and Intel Ultrabook

I wish we can see HD photos of some of the posters soon! ^_^ I really love the poster of the girls in white! Totally love Dara’s pose in that one!