I just had to create a seperate post for Dara’s press photos. She looks sooooo beautiful at today’s event. Her smile… She just smiles so brightly that it makes me smile too. And her hair, Dara rocks the braided hair so well! Just like how she pulls off every hairstyle she tries. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Sandara Park is a living Goddess!!! <333

More of gorgeous Goddess Dara after the cut! ^^

Comments on: "Photos: 120605 Press Pics of Goddess Dara at Intel Press Conference" (10)

  1. Sweetie Dee unnie HWAITING!!!!!!!!! T.T

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  3. Thank you for uploading all dara photos of the event!!!!! 😀

  4. very pretty Goddess Dee! Ö

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  6. dara_woo said:

    i really love dara^s hair color…hope she would keep that for awhile…….and that cute braid….i want to try it with my hair…lol

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  8. i love u ssannt0kki your prettiness is the best.. i hope 0n your c0ming back they give you a lot parts of the s0ng.. figthing!!!

  9. oh my god , how can be she’s so beautiful ^^

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