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Instagram: Dara Works Hard to Get her Abs Picture-Perfect~ “Planking for 1 Minute~ I Feel Like Dying”

Kekekeke! Now we know why you’ve been working out extra hard these past few days! Hello again abs! ❤ Thank you Ssabunim!


Plank challenge for 1 min!!! Photo by @hwangssabu 💪 Aigoo I feel like dying… 💦


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Twitter: Dara’s Tweet Essay About How “4-Pack Dara” Came to Be ~ “It’s Good To Set Goals and Face New Challenges”

Dara is so inspiring! You’ve inspired all of us who are struggling with our weight to go go go and face a new challenge with a good spirit! We can do this as well! FIGHTING! ^_^


 Especially for AON, a two-month long, secret project with Hwangssabu-nim to create abs, done in the company building’s gym. Special thanks to @Hwangssabu

It’s been 9 years since I met Hwangssabu-nim until now. Because I’ve been exercising consistently and made it a lifestyle ever since I was a trainee, I’ve had 11-shaped abs for a while now, but never showed them on stage; for this tour though, I wanted to show something new, so I asked if six-pack abs would be possible? And he said that it was very possible!

Our dance team, High Tech, decided to sculpt their bodies that time as well, so I exercised with them, and together we had a storm of exercise. Thank you, High Tech ^.^v But Ssabu-nim was really busy during that period, and I was also caught up in the preparations for the album and then preparations for the concert piled up too, so there were times that I exercised less and moments when I wanted to abandon my diet ㅠ.ㅠ Huhu…

Then one day!!! I started to see a square on my stomach!!! Because I only knew about six-packs, I wondered if I had to work harder because I only had 4?! I asked Hwangssabu-nim, and he taught me something new. He said that each person is born different, and that I originally had 4

According to him, different people can have 4, 6,8, or 10-pack. And I only had a 4-pack!!! +.+ It was really amazing. But the concept of my abs is sexy and cute. My abs~ Have cute belly fat underneath them because it adds a more feminine touch~ Kya~

And that’s how four-packDara came to be. What happened even two days before the performance? I wanted to give up at that time also, but thanks to Hwangssabu-niim who gave his support and encouraged me not to ^_^ I think that it’s a good thing to have a goal and to keep pushing yourself to try a new challenge. Let’s all work hard and give it our best~ Hwangssabu rules!!! Fighting!!!



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[Star Cast][Dara’s Report on 2NE1 Comeback] D-2, The Most Important Thing in Preparing For a Comeback? Improving Fitness!

[Star Cast][Dara’s Report on 2NE1 Comeback] D-2, The Most Important Thing in Preparing For a Comeback? Improving Fitness!

Hello, everyone! I’m Dara, the PR manager of 2NE1. Nice to meet you Naver StarCast. Drum roll! We are making a comeback on July 8th with the song ‘FALLING IN LOVE’, a year after we performed ‘I LOVE YOU’ in 2012. Are you curious about what we did over the past year? Look forward to the comeback report by me, Dara!


2NE1 are very busy preparing for a comeback these days! Because of the rising temperature, these days are especially difficult. So we try to improve our fitness to prepare for the comeback by working out with Master Hwang. One’s health is what is more important than anything else! Every one, let’s work out!



Photos taken by Master Hwang. The posture of Minzy  and I are identical like twins!



The posture of doing sit-ups is perfect! It is an exercise that helps to make your abs pretty.




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