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Photos: 141114 Press Photos of Petite Dara with a Huge “Salon de Cara” Board Cutout at Clio’s “Celebration” Event

Dara with her perpetually large props.. XD First was her huge mic for “Doom Dara” stages, and now there’s the huge “Salon de Cara” board.. XD










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Photos: 141114 Charming, Lively Dara Has Fun with a Yellow Rubber Duck While Posing at Clio’s Sign Event at Myeongdong ~ Last Day of the “Rubber Duck Project” in Seoul

A yellow rubber duck found its way to Dara’s Clio event! Kekekekeke! XD Dara was photographed with a yellow rubber duck in hand today, while posing for pics for the press at the photo wall. Today is the last day of the “Rubber Duck Project” in Seoul, and I’m guessing that’s the reason why the rubber ducky is there with Dee.. ^_^ She looks so so so cute with it though! Totally had fun with the cute rubber ducky! XD












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Photos: 141114 Stunning, Gorgeous Dara Turns Heads as she Arrives at Clio’s Event Like a Regal, Lovable Queen

I love, love, love Dara’s look! She stayed warm, but her dress was classy and elegant too! Hello there legs! ❤ I like that she put her hair up, it put emphasis on her face, and thereby, on Clio’s make-up. Keke, smart move! ❤ And wah, I love her beige jacket! It looks so good with her black turtleneck dress! ❤








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Twitter: Clio Model Sandara Park is Excited to Meet “Blackjacks and Daralings” for the Clio Sign Event ~ “May I Dress Warmly? Sexy Clothes Are a No No!”

Awww, Dara is so happy and excited to meet everybody! The Clio event was a smashing success! ❤


Let’s all meet each other later~^.^ The weather can be really cold nowadays, so make sure to dress warmly, and if you get cold hands, I’ll be sure to melt them ㅎㅎㅎ See you later!!! #SandaraPark #Clio Fansigning today at Club Clio Myeongdong, Jungang-ro branch 

Blackjacks and Daralings! See you later today (2PM) at the Clio event at Myungdong! Can’t wait to meet you!  

May I wear something really warm~too?!? ㅎㅎㅎ Because it’s winter now~ ^^ All of us should dress warmly and meet up!!! Sexy clothes are a no no~~~ That’s for the summer only~!!! 


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Instagram: Beautiful Dara is Happy to Have the Clio Fansign Event So Near her Birthday ~ “Please Do Not Bring Gifts, I Like Letters the Best!”

Dara, one of the few people I know who’d rather receive letters and see fans’ faces in person, rather than expensive gifts.. ❤ Such a beautiful, lovely person inside and out.. ❤


Hello!?! ^^ I’m happy Clio planned a fansign near my birthday, I was wondering when we would see each other again  I’m happy to see your faces so please do not bring me presents~ Instead, l like letters the best!!! >.< I would really like to get letters!!! To look nice for you all I didn’t even suntan at the amazing beaches. Instead I used two bottles of suncream and sunspray with my face on it ㅋㅋㅋ Good job, right?^_^v (since you all don’t like tanning Daraㅋㅋ) See you at Myungdong!!! #Clio #SandaraPark


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News: Clio Celebrates “Salon De Cara” 300,000 Sales with Fansigning Event, “Fan Meet and Greet with Sandara Park”

Clio Celebrates “Salon De Cara” 300,000 Sales with Fansigning Event, “Fan Meet and Greet with Sandara Park”


Make-up brand Clio will be having a fan signing event with exclusive brand model, 2NE1 member Sandara Park. This is to celebrate the successful, breakthrough sales of their latest mascara product, “Salon De Cara,” which sold more than 300,000 units since its release. “Salon De Cara,” which had a unique concept of adding volume to the lashes through “hair salon” designed mascara brushes, was able to achieve the good sales only 3 weeks after its launching, selling out their initial stock of 130,000 units.

The fan meeting and signing event will be held at “Club Clio” in Myeongdong, Jungang-ro, at 2:00 PM, and it will only bring in 50 people. For a customer to be eligible to join the fansigning event, they must have purchased 50,000 won of Clio products from November 11 to 13, at Club Clio’s Myeongdong, Jungang-ro branch. 50 people will be allowed to join the event on a first-come-first-serve basis. Sequentially numbered tickets for the fan meeting and signing event will be given at 12:30 PM on the 14th.

On the other hand, Sandara Park’s “Salon De Cara” products are still available in Club Clio outlets, online shopping malls, and H&B (Health and Beauty) stores.


Source: Money Week via Naver

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Photos: Gorgeous Pictures of Diverse, Beautiful Goddess Dara for Different Clio Products Advertisements

Clio, thank you for releasing these beautiful pictures of our flawless goddess.. ❤ More more more!

Looking ravishing and fierce and hot in red! ❤



Gorgeous and elegant in black.. ❤


Angelic, pretty, and fresh in white.. ❤




And here’s an inspiring quote from our goddess.. ❤



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Photos: Official Behind the Scenes Pictures of Gorgeous Goddess Dara for Clio “Salon de Cara” Campaign

OH MY GODDESS! Beautiful, beautiful Sandara Park!!! I can’t even.. TT________TT So so so gorgeous! ❤ More more more please Clio!




Bringing sexy back! her alluring gaze.. T_T






Source: Club Clio Facebook

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Article: CLIO’s “Salon de Cara” Sold Out Nationwide with Sandara Park as the Brand’s Main Model



Makeup brand CLIO’s new mascara, ‘Salon de Cara’ sells out all its initial stock of 130,000 within 3 weeks!

The sold out mascara is made specifically for Korean women with short and thin eyelashes with an innovative concept of, ‘Eyelash Curler-cara,’ ‘Hand-cara,’ and ‘Roll Brush-cara.’ These fun names brought attention to the products before they were even released. From the beginning of August, when the items were launched, within just three weeks, the products were sold out online and in stores with Sandara Park as the brand’s main model.


Analyzing the pattern of the time the makeup products were sold, the company found that the mascara was selling the most right before summer vacations started. Mascara’s most important quality is being waterproof and as this line is waterproof, it can be said that this item has become one of the must-have-items for vacation makeup.

Not only that but this mascara solves the problem every girl has with their eyelashes. With fun names like ‘Full Volume,’ ‘C-Curl Volume,’ and ‘Extension Volume,’ each name represents the type of mascara it is. These memorable names help with the sales because it remains in the consumer’s mind when shopping at beauty stores.

Meanwhile, the company hopes to see a new record this fall season for the ‘Salon de Cara.’

Credit: BNT News

Photo: Gorgeous Dara Art from CLIO’s Taiwan Facebook


Source: CLIO’s Taiwan Facebook